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Artifical Intelligence

Heart FM debuts AI-generated presenter

Jay I, a radio presenter generated by artificial intelligence software, took to the airwaves in South Africa over the Easter weekend.

This weekend, Western Cape Radio station Heart FM debuted South Africa’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated presenter.

Jay I presented the country’s first fully AI-generated radio show, which include an AI-generated playlist, content and features. The show was broadcast in the early hours of Saturday morning, 8 April 2023, between 01h00 and 04h00.  

Jay I’s  intellect, personality and opinions were entirely artificially generated. Heart FM says he is capable of evolving according to listener preferences, feedback, and other inputs. His voice is a representation of several professional voices tuned to deliver a great voice for radio.

“Jay I was created predominately on the ChatGPT platform,” says Nick Feinberg, Heart FM creative director. “This included pre-show promo, on air links, content as well as the playlist. Jay I’s voice itself was generated on”

He says Jay I was developed to show the potential of using AI technology in media.

“For many content creators, the adoption of AI signals a transition away from human generated content, but this is not the case. We want to show the possibilities and potential of AI in media. Instead of something to be feared, it can be embraced.”

AI is the latest technology buzz topic since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. Its capabilities are endless but has also sparked concern that the technology would replace the human workforce.

 “There is an amazing opportunity to use AI as a tool, finding a new balance between human input and refinement, and AI-generated content.”

According to station management, a permanent place in the presenter line-up is not yet on the cards, but it this is not completely off the table.

Jay I is intended to be fun, outspoken and very bright. His innate sassiness has more to do with social media influences than his upbringing, “and he grew up really fast”.

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