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Ghost Ship Games reveals Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game

The award-winning, dwarven co-op mining shooter comes to the tabletop in Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game.



Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games have just revealed that the award-winning, co-op mining shooter Deep Rock Galactic is making its way to the tabletop. 

In a Steam post, Ghost Ship CEO, and board game fanatic, Søren Lundgaard has shared some details around the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and the initial gameplay details of their board game debut. Ghost Ship Games has partnered with Mood Publishing, and critically acclaimed board game designer behind Champions of Midgard, Ole Steiness to release the title.

The game is confirmed to be 1-4 player co-operative dungeon-crawler, combining the traversal and exploration aspects of Deep Rock Galactic with its rip-roaring, alien blasting combat. Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game features all four of the existing classes within the game, ‘Rock and Stone’ cards to add layers of collaborative and roleplay depth, and a ‘one-shot’ style in-game progression system.

Set to launch on Kickstarter in 2022, tabletop miners will be equipped with exclusive miniatures of the quartet of Dwarven ‘heroes’, as well as the Glyphid enemies lurking in the walls. 

“Apart from loving video games, many of us at Ghost Ship are also board game enthusiasts, and we’ve dreamed of a board game adaptation right from the beginning,” says Lundgaard. “I’m personally very much looking forward to placing a magnificent board game box packed with Deep Rock Galactic miniatures on my already overloaded board game shelves.” 

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