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Genesis launches new sci-fi MOBA for PS4

Developer Rampage Games has announced Genesis, a new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) experience optimised for controllers. Players jump into an epic battle between the gods and mankind across a futuristic world.

Click below to watch the trailer and to read more about the game.



Developed for strategy and action enthusiasts, Genesis is a next-generation console MOBA with its gameplay specifically designed for controllers. Ramage Games says the new control system brings a breath of fresh air to the genre on consoles, which makes navigation more intuitive, precise, and effective. 

On the one hand, players can benefit from built-in automation features such as a new targeting design. On the other hand, a controller is an ideal device to offer additional convenience features which include releasing directional skills, blinking, or quickly switching between abilities and items. 

“We really wanted to bring a true MOBA experience to consoles,” said Ray Zhu, Executive Producer at Rampage Games. “The biggest challenge, of course, was building the gameplay system for controllers. Keyboard and mouse have their advantages, but based on the feedback we received from our testers, I am confident we are equally prepared and players will feel right at home in Genesis.”

The right tactics will make the difference between victory and defeat in the competitive Player-versus-Player (PvP) battles. Here, teams of five fight for control of the galactic battlefield to win glory, new weapons and equipment.

With a rich roster of 28 original heroes, countless character customisation options, and a single-player story mode (PvE), there is a seemingly endless amount of possibilities for players to explore. Another highlight is the co-op conquest mode, where two local players share control of the same hero!

Last but not least, Rampage Games has crafted stunning visuals in their consistent Sci-Fi world through the power of the Unreal Engine 4; offering one of the most beautiful and detailed MOBAs on a console platform.

Genesis will be available free-to-play for PlayStation 4 on 13 August in North America and on 14 August in Europe (including South Africa). More information about the game can be found on the official website at