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Fujitsu leads in green IT



Fujitsu has announced that IDG’s Computerworld selected it as the leading Green-IT Organization for 2010, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability across the business on a global scale.

For the third year in a row, Computerworld set out to identify organizations that are implementing smart, efficient strategies to achieve ‚green IT.‚ Organizations were invited to complete a comprehensive questionnaire online from May to July. Ninety-five organizations participated. Computerworld then contacted representatives at the participating organizations, to verify that the information provided on their organization’s survey was truthful and accurate. Only those organizations that filed verification letters were considered. Computerworld then applied a set of criteria, developed with the help of green-IT industry experts, to identify the organizations that are working to reduce energy consumption in IT equipment and are using technology to conserve energy and lower carbon emissions. Based on the weighting scheme developed, the top 12 Green-IT Users and top 12 Green-IT Vendors lists were chosen. To view the full survey, visit and click on Top Green-IT Organizations.

‚Fujitsu considers the environment in everything that we do. Our services and products are the focus of continual innovation so that we can deliver outcomes that exceed our customer’s business expectations, while being environmentally responsible,‚ states Alison O’Flynn, Global Executive Director Sustainability, Global Business Group, Fujitsu. ‚Being named as the leading Green IT organization in 2010 highlights Fujitsu as having a well structured and long term environmental strategy that clearly demonstrates our commitment to sustainability across our business. Recognition of this caliber is a truly valuable incentive to push on and achieve even more.‚

At Fujitsu we’re determined to be part of the solution, not the pollution. Our Green Policy 2020 provides a vision for a prosperous low-carbon future and our mission is to help create it through IT innovations that reduce society’s environmental footprint and the impact of IT itself.

Fujitsu has a proud heritage of sustainability dating back to 1938, when we created a parkland environment for our first factory. By 1989 we had established our first environmental committee and in 2002 we installed the world’s first plantbased biodegradable plastic parts in notebook computers. Just one year later we achieved zero waste emissions in all 13 plants in Japan and in 2006 we completed global integration based on the ISO14001 environmental management system.

Our services and products are the focus of continual innovation so that we can deliver outcomes that exceed our customer’s business expectations, while being environmentally responsible. We are also designing a new generation of IT products to be more power efficient, recyclable, compact and lightweight than ever before.

Our manufacturing plants, data centers and offices are being designed for low emissions, drawing on renewable energy and using natural landscaped surroundings. Our people are encouraged to champion sustainability through recycling programs and support for initiatives, such as our conservation of more than 670ha of native vegetation across the globe.

‚Many of the organizations recognized in our third annual Top Green-IT issue have already plucked ‚low-hanging fruit,’ such as reducing travel with teleconferencing or buying Energy Star-rated IT equipment,‚ said Scot Finnie, editor in chief, Computerworld. ‚These top organizations are truly stretching now, exploring innovative new ways to apply technology to reduce energy consumption. They know that achieving green-IT isn’t a one-time effort: they’re in it for the long haul.‚