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Free Wi-Fi for Camps Bay

Skyrove, in partnership with MacroLan and Café Caprice, has launched free Wi-Fi for Camps Bay. Consumers will be able to use up to 100MB of data per device per day, completely free of charge. After that, extra data may be purchased through Skyrove or one of its partners.

The premium Wi-Fi installation consists of fibre from Cape Town-based ISP MacroLan, and top-end high density outdoor access points from Ruckus Wireless, and will cover much of the Camps Bay beach area. Says Skyrove Technical Manager Rudolph Roos: ‚”We know that Camps Bay receives a lot of visitors, especially at the peak summer season. Having access to Gigabit fibre from MacroLan, combined with Ruckus Wireless access points that handle high density situations and BYOD particularly well, will provide fast and reliable connections, and the system can easily be scaled to meet the demand.‚”

‚”We think that free Wi-Fi is a great benefit for the entire community and our many visitors to Camps Bay,” says Camps Bay Business Forum Chairperson Simon Kneel. “”We are excited to partner with Skyrove to deliver this service, and will be exploring other solutions that we can deliver to the community through the Wi-Fi network.‚””

Skyrove plans to extend the network and add features in the coming weeks, as well as provide value-added services such as predictive analytics and location-based services to local businesses. Comments Skyrove CEO Ellie Hagopian: ‚””Wi-Fi is not just something you use to get on the internet, it is a communications medium that bridges the gap between smartphones, software, and location. Installing a carrier-grade Wi-Fi network is one thing: it’s what you can do with the network that adds the value, and the telecommunications companies that will be successful in 2014 and beyond understand this. There is no such thing as free Wi-Fi: the costs have to be covered somehow. Once that has been achieved, bandwidth is so cheap that there are many ways to offer free or limited free connectivity to consumers. Skyrove is not just installing a free Wi-Fi solution: we plan to partner with the Camps Bay community to ensure that this solution adds real value.‚””

Skyrove, founded in 2007, is a specialist Wi-Fi company headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Skyrove provides value-added software solutions for retail and hospitality, as well as turnkey Wi-Fi solutions for events.

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