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Free calls with ttrumpet

Ttrumpet, an app that lets its customers make free calls and offers merchants a range of marketing tools to promote their brands is now available to South Africans.

An app designed to let customers make free calls and messaging worldwide, ttrumpet, has been launched in SA. It also provides a platform for merchants, businesses and brands to market themselves, using a range of tools including vouchers, online shopping, location/attraction search, image recognition and augmented reality.

ttrumpet it’s not just a call and messaging app – it’s a platform that allows businesses, retailers and brands to provide value to consumers by demystifying mobile,” says Grant Theis, co-founder of ttrumpet.

While ttrumpet is a global app, in South Africa we have tailored the platform to offer more value than any competitor locally, as we want to offer the South African market a simplified mobile experience of purchasing credits that can be used for GSM airtime, mobile data, international roaming data, and Wi-Fi in a single application – no asterisks, no clauses, just transparency – regardless of the colour of your SIM.

There are no hidden charges, connection fees or subscriptions. The phone is the user’s ID, so there is no need to change the number.

We have direct interconnect agreements with all the mobile network operators and Telkom,” adds Theis. “As such, ttrumpet doesn’t only provide free calls, but it provides outcalls at the cheapest rates in the country and worldwide. In fact, some country destinations are up to 70% cheaper than other providers.

“From a messaging perspective, we are looking to make messaging ‚Äòquieter’ – delivering text, photos, videos and commerce without the added noise of everyone else on the Internet,” says Theis.

ttrumpet allows you to quickly find information on every place that is near you – covering more than 100 million places worldwide. Get useful information such as reviews, offers, maps, navigation and contact/web details at a click of a button. “What’s more, you can scan product images, ads, texts, objects or QR codes for information,” says Theis. “ttrumpet recognises images and augmented reality so if it is in our database, you will see products come alive.

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