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Springboks tackle
e-waste in ERA campaign

The campaign features a chance for South Africans to win tickets to upcoming Springbok games, or a sustainably made Dell laptop.

Springbok rugby champions Eben Etzebeth, Deon Fourie, and Manie Libbok, in a collaboration with the E-Waste Recycling Authority (ERA), are sprinting onto field to educate the public on e-waste in a suitability campaign.

Dubbed “Children vs Champions,” the campaign pits the three Springboks against children in a quiz competition on sustainability and e-waste. The initiative aims to highlight the critical issue of e-waste, which amounts to over 60-million metric tons globally each year. ERA have partnered with Dell Technologies (along with authorised distributors Tarsus, Pinnacle, and Axis) to make learning about e-waste management fun and informative.

The campaign’s website features educational content about e-waste, what it means to be sustainable, how Dell is becoming fully sustainable, and what to do with one’s e-waste and locations to drop it off.

South Africans stand a chance to win tickets to upcoming Springbok games, or a sustainably-made Dell laptop by visiting the website, and answering the question, “How do you deal with e-waste at home?.” The competition runs until 31 July 2024.

In the campaign video series, Etzebeth found himself challenged by a young girl’s impressive knowledge of e-waste, underscoring the competitive spirit and educational value of the campaign. Despite the tough match, all three Springboks showed that they do not just wear green, they talk green as well, and are committed to protecting the planet. Etzebeth, Fourie, and Libbok said: “Become sustainable… and go green!”

Ashley du Plooy, Chief Executive Officer at ERA said: “E-waste is virtually 100% recyclable. Old mobile phones, a washing machine – anything with a cable or battery should be recycled as it contains mixed materials such as wiring, plastic, hazardous materials and even gold.

“If it is disposed of correctly, it doesn’t harm the environment and can be re-used in new products.”

Doug Woolley, GM for Dell Technologies SA, says: “Dell Technologies and ERA share a commitment towards sustainability and promoting e-waste responsibility.

“This forms part of our 2030 vision as an organisation. It is also an approach that can be felt in how we create and package our products – sustainability is an inherent part of our organisation.”

The campaign promotes the circular economy, which aims to reduce waste and emissions through the continual use and recycling of materials. By focusing on recycling, reusing, and repairing technology, the campaign seeks to ensure that electronic items are used more than once and disposed of properly.

* To enter the competition, visit the website here.

* For more information, call the centre on 021 072 0186.

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