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Epson EcoTank L7160

The Epson EcoTank L7160 printer boasts cartridge-free printing, saving users time and money, as well as enough ink to print up to around 1,500 photos, delivering up to three years of hassle-free printing before needing to change the ink.
The L7160 model offers cartridge-free printing and an ultra-low cost per page thanks to the high yield inks and ultra-high-capacity ink tank included in the box, allowing users to save up to 90% on the cost of ink, based on comparisons with other units on the market. A new and advanced ink filling system allows for mess-free refills, thanks to innovative ink bottle designs that are easier to open and decant into the printer, and a new mechanism that ensures the right tanks are filled with the corresponding colour.
Where the ink tank on previous-generation EcoTank models was situated on the side of the unit, the latest unit features front ink tank designs for a more compact and sleek design, making it easier to see how much ink is left in the system too.
Affordable low-cost refill bottles are available across the entire collection and each model is backed by an extended three-year warranty.

Stream of the Day

Minecraft Earth – Blocks in augmented reality

Just over ten years ago, Minecraft launched on PC. Now, it has sold more than 176 million copies in almost every country in the world. As a way to celebrate 10 years for the franchise, Microsoft has announced a variant of the game – Minecraft Earth.

Click here to watch the trailer and to read more about the game.

Minecraft Earth is a free-to-play augmented reality game for mobile that is claimed to bring the creative nature of Minecraft to the real world.

The game’s mechanics are simple: explore a neighbourhood to find blocks and unique mobs for your builds. Once you have them, any flat surface is an opportunity to build.  Team up with friends to create amazing builds on Build Plates, and then place them in the real world to explore at life-size. 
Craft new items, breed mobs, grow crops – it’s Minecraft as you know it in a way you’ve never seen before. There’s lots of fun to be had and it’s even better with friends.

The game blends state-of-the-art Microsoft technology like Azure Spatial Anchors AR tracking and PlayFab integration to bring the Minecraft Earth experience to life.

To find out more about pre-registration for the game, visit

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Product of the Day

Game of Thrones assorted merchandise

One of the world’s most popular shows, Game of Thrones, has come to an end, but the memory can live on through Mindforce Podcast and Kangofit’s merchandise.

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Fans of Game of Thrones have enjoyed 8 years of amazing show experience, as this fantastic show comes to an end. One thing is certain – we will remember Game of Thrones many many years to come.

Mindforce Podcast has partnered up with the Kangofit Australia-based online shop and created a special Dracarys Collection. Its creators have handpicked the Game of Thrones products below:

Game of Thrones 61-set sticker pack

Game of Thrones house bracelets

“The North Remembers” t-shirt

“Coffee Is Coming” coffee mug

Visit the Mindforce online store here.

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