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Energy calculator helps gadget users get green

A new electronic energy calculator is available, which estimates the amount of energy used by all consumer electronic devices in a single household and providing tips on how to consume energy.

‚”Studies have shown that the more consumers understand about their energy use, the less energy they are likely to consume,‚” said Samantha Nevels, coordinator of policy communications, CEA. ‚”While consumer electronics manufacturers are producing products that are increasingly more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, consumers can learn new habits with the devices they own that will take their personal energy savings even further.‚”

A recent CEA survey found that 60 percent of consumers are concerned about their electric bills, and energy consumption is the third most important attribute to consumers buying electronics, behind features and price. While consumer electronics typically account for just 13 percent of a home’s energy use, every bit of unused energy saves money and reduces energy demand.

The Consumer Electronics Energy Calculator estimates household energy use based on the specific products consumers own and the amount of time those products are used. The calculator helps consumers determine their energy costs per month and per year, and provides comparisons to the energy use of the average U.S. household.

For more information and to try the Consumer Electronics Energy Calculator, please visit

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