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New desktop SSD
hits market

Western Digital’s new external desktop solid state drive is available in sizes of 4TB and 8TB.

The SanDisk Desk Drive, a new external desktop solid state drive (SSD), is compatible with Windows 10+, and MacOS 11+. It connects via a USB Type-C cable, and a USB Type-A adapter is included in the box. The SanDisk Desk Drive is available in 4TB and 8TB sizes.

The device boasts read speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s, up to four times faster than traditional desktop HDDs. It is formatted for exFAT.

Weighing in at 268 grams, it boasts a compact and modern aesthetic, which earned it a 2024 Red Dot Design Award.

“As digital content creation continues to soar, there is an increasing need for high-performing and high-capacity storage solutions to help manage and preserve it,” says Susan Park, VP consumer solutions at Western Digital. “Expanding our SSD portfolio is the first step in offering creators backup solutions that deliver the speed and flexibility they need to unlock their creativity.

“By next year, we expect to double the capacity of the SanDisk Desk Drive from 8TB to 16TB on a single desktop SSD.” 

The recommended retail price for the SanDisk Desk Drive is $699.99 for the 8TB version, and $379.99 for the 4TB version. Both feature a three-year limited warranty, and are available for purchase at the Western Digital Store and authorised SanDisk retailers, e-tailers, and distributors.

Software for the device, Acronis True Image (Windows) and Apple Time Machine (Mac), is available for download on Western Digital’s website.

* Visit the Western Digital website here.

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