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Deep learning and AI drives ‘computer vision’ market



Computer vision (CV) is aiding numerous promising applications and revolutionizing the way people do things. According to new research from Omdia, the proof-of-concepts that started a few years ago are now going into production, with deployments across a wide range of applications.

Many businesses are realizing the value of vision and are starting to determine how to use CV technology for commercial benefit. Technology is evolving to address these needs. According to Omdia principal analyst Anand Joshi, “Deep learning has become the technology of choice for computer vision applications replacing classic computer vision techniques. This, in turn, is driving the need for new chipsets and software for CV applications.” Global CV market revenue is expected to grow from $2.9bn in 2018 to $33.5bn by 2025.

Omdia’s report, “Computer Vision Technologies and Market,” analyzes the market trends and technology issues surrounding CV. The study examines the industries and use cases and provides profiles of key industry players. Global market forecasts, segmented by region, industry, and use case, extend through 2025. An Executive Summary of the report is available for free download on the firm’s website.