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BuzzCity launched the beta version of Now Cook – a mobile internet site containing a collection of international recipes from partners around the world for simple food that’s easy to prepare and quick to cook.

The launch of Now Cook is part of BuzzCity’s strategy of nurturing and syndicating mobile content that provides partners ‚ independent sites and telcos alike ‚ with free content so they can build their audience base. As the content is developed, audience size grows, which attracts more advertisers and supports BuzzCity’s ad distribution model.

Now Cook also provides a platform for consumer and FMCG brands to promote their products and recipes to mobile users at no cost. As an independent, non-exclusive distributor of recipe content, Now Cook offers customizable options for partners to create an exclusive page in which all their recipes are listed, which in turn redirects users to the partner’s own site, increasing their traffic.

Dr KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity said, ‚There are few independent international food content channels that provide distribution to the mobile platform. Through Now Cook, BuzzCity aims to provide mobile users a unique mobile browsing experience by offering a vast selection of recipes from leading international media brands‚ .

Now Cook is search-powered and users can find recipes by category, including most popular recipes, latest recipes, and recipes listed by main ingredients (chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, etc). Currently, there are recipes on Now Cook from FMCG brands and media properties such as Nestle, India Today and Weigh Less (South Africa).

‚In a month’s time, we will be launching the ‚Now Cook Catalogue’ which will give media owners, brands and FMCG companies further opportunities to create brand awareness,‚ added Dr Lai. ‚Similar to the ‚Djuzz Catalogue’ which was launched a few months ago, the ‚Now Cook Catalogue’ enables partners to create their own branded recipe portal, tailored for their audience, by syndicating content already available on the Now Cook site, hosted using their own style and logos. Allowing catalogue partners to choose the recipes and categories that best match the interests of their audience ensures that we are able to deliver more relevant ads for consumers.‚

The user friendly format allows anyone to take the recipe to the supermarket and straight back into the kitchen, doing away with the need for shopping lists and forgotten crucial ingredients.

For more information on Now Cook, please visit the portal’s FAQs Section

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