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Mobile World Congress

Cisco helps usher in mass IoT

At Mobile World Congress this week, Cisco showed how service providers can expand into new markets and enable a broad range of IoT uses cases on a mass scale.

At Mobile World Congress this week, Cisco announced advancements to its internet of things (IoT) portfolio. It aims to help its service provider customers offer a simpler way to manage low-power wide area networks (LPWAN)/4G/5G IoT connectivity for new and emerging use cases.

As industries look to evolve their digital strategies in support of hybrid work, they need simplified solutions to connect and manage low-cost, often-stationary devices deployed at massive scale (Mass IoT), such as utility metres, medical devices, and agricultural sensors.

Introduced at Mobile World Congress this week, Cisco IoT Control Centre now fulfills industry needs for Mass IoT with a new simplified and secure connectivity management package purpose-built for lower complexity IoT devices. The solution manages nearly 200 million devices today, across all licensed cellular networks (LPWAN/4G/5G), giving operators and enterprises the flexibility to choose the network that works best for their use case.

With low bandwidth consumption and predictable usage patterns, stationary devices are often connected over wide areas with 3GPP LPWAN networks. LPWAN supports a broad range of IoT use cases – from a water metre that sends a burst of data once a week, to a city parking metre that handles transactions throughout the day and night. 

With its new Cisco IoT Control Centre offer, delivered as a subscription service, service providers can now address the full range of enterprise use cases – from low-to-high complexity from a single platform. The new offer reduces connectivity management complexity and costs without compromising quality, making it practical and profitable for service providers to drive new revenue streams and capitalise on new Mass IoT market opportunities.

“We strive to help our service provider customers enable new services and business outcomes for Mass IoT to simplify data collection from millions of devices,” said Masum Mir, VP and general manager ofable, mobile and IoT at Cisco. “With these enhancements to Cisco IoT Control Center, our customers can expand into the LPWAN market using a proven platform to help a broad range of growing industries realize what the future of mobile IoT can do to transform their business.”

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