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Chinese electronics on show in SA



The fourth annual China Sourcing Fair is set to kick off next week and will feature a broad range of Chinese electronics and components at the.

Suppliers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan manufacture many high quality electronic goods for consumers across the globe. In 2011 alone, they manufactured 320 Million personal computers and 1.1 Billion mobile phones.

According to Business Monitor International, the South African consumer electronics market will grow an estimated 11.4 percent in Q3 of 2013. Consumers are becoming more aware and knowledgeable of technological changes and new technology available on the market. Business owners and volume buyers need to sell state-of-the-art products at low prices to achieve a competitive advantage.

The China Sourcing Fair’s electronics section will showcase numerous products: including home theatre systems, speakers, amplifiers, car and marine electronics, digital photo frames, photography equipment, televisions, 3D projectors, Blu-ray players, televisions and accessories.

The Fair assists business owners and buyers who already import from Greater China or who plan to do international trade in the near future. Traders will have the opportunity to meet reliable suppliers, view their product samples and build reciprocal business relations, resulting in high quality products, at quick turnaround time and lower prices.

‚”Many business owners and buyers view the China Sourcing Fair as an excellent platform to source cost-effective quality products. By cutting out the middle man, business owners and entrepreneurs can enjoy competitive prices and new opportunities.‚” says Bill Janeri, General Manager at Global Sources.

The Fair is a global exhibition that takes place annually in Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Miami, New Delhi and South-Africa. Global Sources, the company hosting the China Sourcing Fair, is a leading business-to-business media company and a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China.

Visitors are invited to attend the ‚’How to source from China’ conference at the Lotus Suite, Gallagher Convention Centre. The conference will take place during the first two days of the Fair and admission is free.

Conference details:

Trade buyers will have the opportunity to win great prizes on the first two days of the China Sourcing Fair.

Buyers can visit for more information and pre-registration for free entry. The Fair is only for importers, traders, and volume buyers who purchase consumer products for resale to markets throughout Africa. All visitors are required to show a business card to enter the event.


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