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Chat goes professional with Kaizala

Altron Karabina’s team tells BRYAN TURNER how Microsoft Kaizala’s strong chat capabilities boost workplace task success.

When one thinks about chat, WhatsApp comes to mind. But is WhatsApp the best tool for the workplace?

Altron Karabina’s team invited us to experience how Microsoft’s Kaizala app has been optimised for the workplace, and includes strong features like customisable chat extensions to get tasks done via chat.

“The chat experience has been rebuilt from the ground up,” says Ryan Jamieson, CTO of Altron Karabina. “It’s not just about sending messages anymore. Chats need to enhance the experience, and the intelligence from a business chat needs to feed into corporate systems. It’s difficult to do this with WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business.”

The ability to use chat as a communication tool as well as an intelligence, data gathering tool is becoming increasingly important to businesses. It saves time for those who would be doing repetitive work.

“An airline has started to use Kaizala to manage tasks naturally in chat,” says Jacob Shihawu, principal consultant – digital workplace at Altron Karabina. “They can check on tasks, and complete tasks all in a chat, all while the airline can track how long it takes to complete these tasks. It’s the added comfort of use for users, while management can make informed decisions based on the data they receive from tasks.”

“Kaizala has transformed the way businesses collect information,” says Jamieson. “Businesses don’t need tedious forms that need to be filled in, because a Kaizala bot can accept responses in chat form. One can see this as a trend in the market, with chatbots appearing in many different situations. Accepting data naturally is how businesses can capture as much meaningful data as possible.”

Work chat platforms rely heavily on the pre-existing design language that users already understand. That’s why Kaizala resembles a chat app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

“The transition for companies that have done it has been simple,” says Jamieson. “Thanks to Kaizala’s look and feel resembling chat apps we already use, many are fine with using it, especially when compared to other clunkier, legacy communication software solutions out there.”

“Someone doesn’t want to call in sick by getting out of bed, going to a laptop and filling in a form for HR,” says Shihawu. “These sorts of tasks should be done through a smart device, in a natural way through a chat interface that doesn’t take a lot of effort. Just send a message to HR, let the system capture the details, and both parties can be happy.”

The platform is ready to be picked up for those who already use Microsoft 365 solutions.

“Anyone with a smart device can download the app and see how it works now, with or without a 365 workplace solution in place,” says Jamieson. “Those who are working with 365 platforms, try some of the Kaizala integrations. You might find a month’s worth of build can be done in a few hours with a natural chat platform.”

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