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CES: The robots are coming

From robots that help one get around to robots that help one sleep, CES will host a huge line-up of humanoids that will assist daily tasks, writes BRYAN TURNER.



Somnox will be returning to CES this year with interesting new sleep robotics to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.
A bean-shaped, pillow-sized “sleep robot” simulates human breathing techniques to accelerate the process of falling asleep. Its users snuggle the robot and subconsciously replicate the physical sensation of falling and rising of its breathing. The sleep robot also provides users with audio-engineered music like meditative music and ambient sounds. Personal preferences can be set during the day and provide a tailored approach to improving the user’s sleep during the night. Being huggable and soft, says its makers, the robot makes the user calmly doze off again.
“Knowing about sleep is nice and there are plenty of products out there that help track your sleep, but it’s time for a device like the Sleep Robot that actually does something to help you get to sleep,” says Julian Jagtenberg, co-founder of Somnox.
* These robots will be covered in detail on Gadget as more information is provided during their respective launches.

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