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CES: The robots are coming

From robots that help one get around to robots that help one sleep, CES will host a huge line-up of humanoids that will assist daily tasks, writes BRYAN TURNER.



Thanks to films like the Terminator series and HBO’s Westworld, robots are often portrayed as antagonists for the human race. The upside is often under-reported. For example, work is being done with robots to help children with autism, elderly patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s, or people with special needs to develop social skills.
At CES 2019, a panel of experts will discuss these and similar issues regarding robotic caregivers. The panel is part of the RoboBusiness at CES event, produced by Robotics Business Review. A session entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s Robotic Caregivers” will discuss advances in assistive technologies.
Among the advances in the spotlight, RoboKind has created a series of robots that will help children with autism develop essential social skills, working with educators and experts to create a curriculum based on proven therapy methods.
A facially expressive humanoid robot, Milo, is designed “to be interesting and approachable for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD),” according to RoboKind. As Milo speaks, icons are displayed on an LCD touchscreen on the robot’s chest that helps children better understand what it is saying.
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