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CES: VR meets laptops

zSpace has launched a “pen-and-glasses operated” VR laptop in time to display at CES 2019. It is the first portable Windows PC to “break the screen barrier”, meaning that it will bring controllable objects out of the screen in virtual reality to give users a multi-dimensional environment. Featuring 3D screen technology and lightweight glasses, the laptop differs from other VR experiences that fully immerse a user in an environment, by providing an immersive environment that doesn’t hinder spatial awareness or block peripheral vision. When not used for VR content, the laptop serves as a powerful traditional Windows 10 PC.

“The computing experience has mostly remained unchanged since the introduction of the mouse and touchscreen in the 1980s,” says Paul Kellenberger, CEO of zSpace. “With zSpace technology, we are augmenting the capabilities of personal computers by eliminating the barrier between our eyes and the content we interact with, allowing for complete immersion in games, and incredibly interactive apps for education, e-commerce, and enterprise.”

The laptop comes with a set of specially designed glasses that enable depth perception of virtual content, and a stylus which can navigate in 6-degrees of freedom. This allows users to pick up items on the screen and move them naturally in a 3D space. Those two items, combined with the laptop’s built-in tracking sensors, allows zSpace’s technology to track head and hand movements and dynamically correct the viewing perspective in full HD.

Click here to see the specifications of the laptop.

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