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CES: Language tech means no more “lost in translation”



Waverly Labs’ Pilot Smart Earbuds


Pilot Smart Earbuds uses advanced speech recognition, machine translation and hearable technology to allow users to converse with people who speak other languages.

It can also act as wireless earphones, so it supports wireless music streaming, connected phone calls, and includes a portable charger.

The earphones use noise-cancelling microphones to filter out ambient noise from the speech. That speech is then passed through the Pilot app and to a cloud service, where layers of neural-based speech recognition, machine translation, and speech synthesis engines translate the language. At the end of the funnel, says Waverly Labs, the translated language is sent to the user with minimal lag.

The device works in two modes:

Listen Mode: It interprets someone speaking within close proximity by “listening” for speech nearby and will translate their words into the selected language. The translation is spoken as well as displayed as text on the app.

Converse Mode: For a more conversational approach with someone who speaks a different language, the secondary earbud can be shared with the other person to facilitate a two-way translation.

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