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CES: Wine gets smarter

The Edgar Wine Butler, making its debut at CES 2019 in Las Vegas next week, is claimed to be the first automatic wine-by-the-glass dispenser that is able to pour any of the 3-standard types of wine on-demand at their best serving temperature. The culmination of 3 years of research by MYWAH, the company says it is changing the way wineries and caterers serve, sell, and experience wine by the glass, using a blend of software and hardware technology.
“With wine by the glass becoming the new norm, Edgar completely redesigns the chain of wine service in a sophisticated and aesthetic device, the size of a mini-fridge,” says Olivier Deveaud, CEO and co-founder of MYWAH. “From packaging that preserves the integrity of the wine for eight weeks after opening to a user-friendly interface, we bring both professionals and consumers simplicity and efficiency solving temperature and oxidation concerns.”
MYWAH hardware technology is able to deliver wine by the glass at the right temperature for any of the three standard types of wine among a list of wines curated by MYWAH, or from any wine list. The software relies on a proprietary system that allows a “dialogue” between the packs, the machine, and the MYWAH server, via RFID, linking all actors in the chain from the producer to the client and the consumer.
“A majority of consumers prefer a glass of wine over a bottle, quality over quantity, whether in restaurants, during events, or at home,” says Sophie Blum, Co-Founder and President of MYWAH. “While Edgar will not replace a sommelier in a starred restaurant, our goal is to modernise wine service by the glass by bringing innovation and efficiency to professionals, and satisfy the palate of wine enthusiasts.”
Click here to see the specifications of the Edgar Butler device.

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