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CES: Meet Bob, your TV uncle

Meet-Bob, an Android-based TV stick aimed at enabling families to communicate, share content, interact and play via the TV was launched at CES this week.

A unique Android-based TV stick aimed at enabling families to communicate, share content, interact and play via the TV no matter where each individual may be located was launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.

The new HDMI TV stick called Bob and developed by Meet-Bob Ltd. is designed to provide families with intuitive and exciting interactive communication options. It easily turns any TV into a content and communications center, enabling family members to watch TV shows, movies or videos together: easily share favorite content and special moments with each other: keep-in-touch (using a web-cam) and play games with one another even if they are on different sides of the world.

The Bob stick can be easily carried anywhere, making any TV part of the family network.

Content providers, brands, retailers or any companies interested in extending their reach to the family living room, are provided with a refreshing new family-oriented product offering unique marketing opportunities. The Bob stick enables the efficient delivery of content (live channels, VOD and games), the promotion of products and services and micro-targeted campaigns directly to the family’s TV.

Bob’s social nature and its unique interactive capabilities, allow it to target families in an entirely new way, strengthening brand loyalty, increasing viewer engagement and opening new revenue opportunities.

Moreover, with the Bob stick, the user experience is fully personalized. Every family member has a personal log-in and is offered relevant features and content to fit their profile. For example, the children in the family will have access to specific Video On Demand, live channels, games, apps, websites and educational books that have been authorised by their parents. They will have limited TV viewing time and can communicate only with other family members.

‚”Technology was supposed to get us closer: it has opened the boundaries and has become a commodity enabling us to communicate easily with anyone, anywhere,‚” said Sigalit Klimovsky, CEO of Meet-Bob Ltd.

‚”But while we connect more with a bigger group of people, we interact and communicate less with the people we care about ‚Ķ our family. We believe technology can do more for us and bring the people we love closer together and that’s what Bob is designed to do.‚”

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