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CES: Cam gets stereo infrared 3D



Chinese 3D camera manufacturer Orbbec has announced the next generation of its 3D camera range, for the first time bringing stereo infrared to 3D.

The Astra Stereo S, being showcased at CES in Las Vegas this week, is based on passive stereo IR technology. This combines the benefits of structured light technology, but was built especially for applications with plenty of sunlight. The high-resolution, accurate depth sensor has another trick up its sleeve: while many depth applications require multiple cameras side-by-side in order to increase the depth map for a product, especially in retail environments, the Astra solves the problem by allowing 3D cameras to be placed in close proximity to one another. 

“The Astra Stereo S answers several challenges, including the importance of having an effective outdoor 3D camera,” said David Chen, co-founder, and vice president of business development at Orbbec. “The Astra Stereo S has the power and size most companies look for today; It’s able to work in combination with other depth sensors; and is ready for critical use in the areas of retail, automotive, robot picking, and home security.”
The “S” in Stereo S represents short range, meaning it is  built for close-up use, offering ranges from 0.3m to 3m.

* The camera is being demonstrated at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, booth #21416. For more information, visit