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CES 2022: Time to press delete on QWERTY?

The average current interaction with digital devices happens at only 10% of the speed of our thoughts. This is the gap that Typewise and its AI text prediction solution is looking to close.

Launched by school friends David Eberle and Janis Bernekerin 2019, the company has already seen 1.4 million downloads and is growing on average by 15% month-on-month. It is outperforming the incumbents in the market, has multiple patents and is collaborating with the prestigious Swiss Federal Institution of Technology.

Decoding human thoughts accurately

Typewise has developed text prediction technology that, by utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural-language processing its solution can perform correction and completion of words and entire sentences on mobile and desktop applications.

Many of the existing solutions cannot provide the best autocorrect experience. Users often complain about the number of autocorrect errors, with solutions being overly zealous or failing to make typing corrections when they should.

The key to decoding human thoughts accurately is for the solution to learn from the user. Using Typewise’s own AI  it can not only provide a superior typing experience but also it is enabled to learn its user’s own slang or colloquial vocabulary, so that over time, the solution gets better and better.

The end of QWERTY?

Another innovation from Typewise is a new, innovative and user-friendly keyboard.

The QWERTY setting was designed for typewriters and not for smaller devices such as mobile phones and laptops. It is no longer the optimal design for typing and so in line with Typewise’s determination to improve the performance of typing solutions, the team has redesigned the keyboard to allow for the best performance.

It is not just the layout of the keyboard but the shape of the keys too. Typewise’s unique and patented hexagonal (or honeycomb) design make it discernibly easier to hit the right key. This layout was the result of a long period of testing to discover the optimal keyboard layout and the key shape that resulted in the fastest typing with the fewest typos.

Ensuring privacy and security

In an age where online privacy and security are a key concern for most consumers, Typewise has ensured that both are built into the keyboard. With cybercriminals finding increasingly sophisticated methods to gain access and to steal data from companies and individuals alike.

Typewise has committed to ensuring privacy and security levels are essential. To ensure this, Typewise’s smart technology is stored and confined to your device rather than in the cloud.

Business covered – Typewise for desktop launched at CES 2022

At CES 2022, Typewise will be launching its business-specific solution. With all the AI-powered text and sentence prediction included, the solution allows employees to write emails, replies and documents up to 3x faster.

With zero integration needed, the solution works across all web-based applications and is available in six languages.

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