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CES 2021: Asus makes world’s fastest laptop display

At CES last night, Asus revealed the new Republic of Gamers (ROG) devices. The star of the show: the Strix Scar 17 with a whopping 360Hz panel. SIBUSISO SIMAMANE and BRYAN TURNER report



Asus dialled it up to 11 last night with its ROG lineup reveal, ranging from buttery smooth 360Hz laptop displays to small eGPUs (external graphics processors). At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last night, Asus showed that a laptop with this combination can easily perform at 360 frames per second (fps).

ROG laptops have become a staple for about a quarter of gaming laptop users. This is a huge slice of the market just for ROG laptops, considering Asus also has The Ultimate Force (TUF) budget gaming laptops in the same segment.

The overall improvements have been shown in panel technology and performance efficiency: that games look better, even when the laptops are running on battery. Every display, apart from the 60Hz model, is 100% DCI-P3 and Pantone validated for the ROG Zephyrus models. This enables gamers to see games as the developers intended them to be seen. This also leans towards another aspect of most gaming PCs: graphic art.

This becomes even clearer with a GPU switch that comes with nearly every ROG model. It switches from integrated graphics to dedicated graphics only when necessary, making it one of the most aggressive graphics switching technologies on the market. This translates to longer battery life for day-to-day tasks like web browsing and light image editing.

Asus has become the laptop cooling king for the last few years and continued to show its innovation by implementing liquid metal thermal cooling in every ROG model. According to Asus, the systems will now run between 10° and 16° C cooler than their predecessor, depending on the program that’s running. The fan technology in the new laptops is quieter at higher speeds, thanks to the Asus Arcflow design that implements more blades. For longevity, the fans are also self-cleaning, so they won’t be clogged with dust.

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