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CES 2012: Lock doors from a phone

Kwikset, in partnership with Belkin, have launched new products that leverage the power of Belkin’s new WeMo system at the Consumer Electronics Show. This will enable any homeowner with a WiFi network to monitor and control their door locks remotely from a smartphone.
“Kwiksetnis thrilled about our partnership with Belkin, as it will allow us to launchnremote access to our door locks that is simple to use, highly affordable andnfocused on giving homeowners peace of mind, no matter how far away from homenthey are,” said Keith Brandon, Home Connect Marketing Manager, Stanley Blackn& Decker.

While the Kwikset Home Connect lock integration is currentlynstill under development, Belkin’s newly launched WeMo will give users ofnupcoming Kwikset Home Connect technology products a direct remote lock accessnsolution. This capability will remove the requirement for homeowners interestednin installing Home Connect technology to have a broader control platformnalready in place. Using Belkin’s free WeMo smartphone app, Kwikset’s productsnwill have the ability to be locked and unlocked remotely, allowing controllednfunctionality and peace of mind to homeowners knowing their lock status fromnwherever they are.

“Belkin’s partnership with Kwikset will allow homeowners ansmart, simple solution to extend the power of WeMo to their front door usingntechnology that is familiar to the whole family,” said Kevin Ashton, generalnmanager at Belkin.

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