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CES 2012: Awards for SMART glasses



Vuzix Corporation, a manufacturer of video eyewear, has won two innovation awards at the Consumer Electronics Show. The first for an advanced 3D capable pair of video eyewear, and the second for a new monocular see through HMD for the industrial augmented reality solutions.

Vuzix is also showing its Augmented Reality (AR) and Mobile Video Eyewear Offerings, using the latest Wrap series Video Eyewear and maxReality software. Also being shown is the Wrap 1200 3D Mobile Video Eyewear with HDMI connectivity using the new HDMI Power Pak. The HDMI Power Pak allows for hours of operation with mobile devices like the Android phones and home HDMI sources alike. Finally, Vuzix is also showcasing its SMART Glasses Technology. This new technology is a complete HD see through lens with display engine that neatly fits into the temples of designer styled sunglasses. As the name implies, SMART Glasses Technology is much more than just a wearable TV. Designed to work with SMART Devices that are typically connected to the internet, SMART Glasses are interactive and merge virtual information with the real world. * Follow Gadget on Twitter on @gadgetza

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