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Samsung pushes edge at CES

Samsung Electronics used the Consumer Electronics Show to reveal a new connected ecosystem that encompasses its array of products, content and services.

Working across its entire product portfolio, Samsung will remove the barriers that exist between devices and content to deliver a smarter, simpler and more connected life for consumers.

‚We stand alone as the only company capable of connecting all the components of a consumer’s electronic life,‚ said Boo-Keun Yoon, President and Head of Consumer Electronics Division at Samsung Electronics. ‚From TVs to phones, tablets to PCs, cameras to appliances, we are enabling meaningful connections between them all. Our promise is that you will share and enjoy content across all these devices, easily, anywhere, anytime.‚

Pushing the boundaries of content, design, connectivity and control, Samsung’s new products and services continue to help consumers live a smarter connected life.

Ultimate picture quality, premium content

For 2012, Samsung has pushed the boundaries of home entertainment and expanded the content options on its Smart TVs. This is evident in its first Super OLED TV and the UNES8000 flagship LED TV.

The ES8000 LED TV redefines how consumers access, experience and manage their home entertainment. Powered by a dual-core processor, users can surf the web while using or downloading multiple apps simultaneously. A broad range of content is also available through Samsung Apps, the industry’s preferred TV apps platform.

Continuing its future-forward path, Samsung also introduced the ultimate TV delivering new sensations, and an entirely new category of television that the industry has been long awaiting – Samsung’s very first 55-inch Super OLED TV. As a CES ‚Best of Innovations 2012‚ award winner, Samsung is proud to utilise its long history and expertise surrounding OLED product development to bring this technology to large-screen TVs. Samsung’s proprietary Super OLED technology incorporates the ultimate in vividness, speed and thinness, with true-to-life picture quality, enhanced colour accuracy and motion picture quality even in the fastest scenes. Also incorporated into Samsung’s Super OLED TV is Smart Interaction, Samsung Apps, 3D functionality and multitasking – enabling the TV of tomorrow to be delivered today.

This year, Samsung plans to continue its leadership in the Smart TV category with three driving philosophies for a Smarter Life: Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution – all of which arm consumers with the future of Smart TV technology, today.

Smart Interaction ‚ As content has become smarter, robust and more accessible, Samsung’s vision for the way in which consumers interact with their TVs has also evolved. Smart Interaction enables Smart TV owners to communicate with their TVs via Voice Control, Motion Control and Face Recognition. Thanks to a built-in HD camera and dual-microphones, consumers may simply say ‚Hi TV‚ to turn on voice control, speak ‚Web Browser‚ to get online, and browse and select results or increase the volume by just pointing a hand.

Smart Content ‚ Expansion of more personalised content offerings to better meet consumers’ needs is a principal goal of Samsung Smart TV. On the press conference stage, Samsung spoke to its content success – with more than 1,400 Smart TV apps now available including Angry Birds, Discovery Channel, and the number of third-party developers that has grown from 550 to 25,000 in just two years.

Samsung has revamped its AllShare service with ‚AllShare Play,‚ which enables consumers to easily access personal content regardless of where you are in the world or whether it is stored on a TV, tablet, camera, phone or PC.

Samsung is taking the connected ecosystem one step further with three new exclusive services for the Samsung Smart TV: Family Story, Fitness and Kids – enabling families to share photos and messages with each other, easily sync their fitness goals and activities, and help kids partake in educational viewing while recording progress every step of the way.

Smart Evolution ‚ Samsung’s new ‚Evolution Kit,‚ the world’s first of its kind, will be packed with necessary hardware and software each year using Samsung’s proprietary system-on-chip technology, bringing enhancements to content and performance to select 2012 or newer Smart TVs. With a simple slot-in to the back of your TV, the dream of experiencing the newest in TV technology can be brought to life.

Powerful LTE smart mobile devices in U.S. market

For Samsung Mobile, pushing boundaries means providing consumers with unlimited choice and ensuring there is a portable device to meet their every need. An example of Samsung pushing the boundaries in mobile is with the Galaxy Note, a device that delivers a new category of smartphone, coming to AT&T.

The Galaxy Note was successfully introduced across the globe through the Galaxy Note World Tour, in Europe, Asia, Middle East, China and Korea. Unveiled during AT&T’s Developer Summit, Samsung has partnered with AT&T to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note in the U.S. market.

The Galaxy Note features the world’s first and largest 5.3‚ HD Super AMOLED display. This is an expansive high-resolution smart screen that provides an immersive and best in class viewing experience while ensuring smartphone portability and on the go usability. Additionally, an advanced pen-input technology, called the S Pen, combines with Galaxy Note’s full touch screen to introduce a unique user experience. Taking full advantage of the large display, Galaxy Note users will be able to capture, create, and share while on the move.

In addition to the Galaxy Note, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Verizon Wireless. Just 7.9mm thin and weighing roughly half a pound, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the thinnest, lightest and most portable Honeycomb tablet on the market today.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the first tablet in the US to feature the Super AMOLED Plus Display running on Verizon Wireless’ powerful 4G LTE network. Users will experience seamless video chat, rapid Web browsing and rich graphic processing at 4G LTE speeds, as well as the industry’s best and brightest display technology in the palm of their hand. And like the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 has Samsung’s SAFE certification for enterprise use.

SMART camera technology

With more than half of the estimated 2.5 billion digital camera owners in the world sharing their photos via online and social networking sites, and more than 100,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 75 countries, the benefits of Wi-Fi have never been more important or accessible. As a leading innovator in the digital imaging industry, Samsung Electronics is responding to growing consumer demand for integrated Wi-Fi enabled cameras that allow users to email photos or share them on social networks. Following the success of the SH100 camera, Samsung’s range of wireless SMART cameras is comprised of no fewer than five cameras and camcorders, all Wi-Fi-enabled.

In particular, Samsung introduced the WB850F, a Wi-Fi-enabled long-zoom camera boasting a 21 x super zoom, Samsung’s best yet. The device’s pioneering 16 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor reduces image noise and distortion, even in low light conditions to deliver high quality images which can be experienced in vivid clarity on the 3.0‚ VGA AMOLED screen. Added fun features, such as GPS and Live Landmark make it the latest must-have travel companion, enhancing journeys with maps and local info at the touch of a button. Housed in an ultra-compact body, consumers now have the freedom to shoot in stunning clarity, store and share – anywhere, anytime.

Samsung’s innovative new SMART Wi-Fi technology pushes the boundaries by revolutionising the way people capture and manage their images, making it simpler and less time-intensive to store them across devices, as well as easy and fun to share them instantly. All of this without compromising on image quality.

Thanks to the Auto Backup function, users no longer have to worry about unearthing a tangle of cables to transfer their images over to their hard drive. Instant Sharing meanwhile allows users to share photos through email or social networking sites, as well as synchronising pictures from their camera to other devices in real time.

Design craftsmanship meets performance

Furthermore, Samsung also revealed the next generation Series 9 Notebook, 21% thinner and 28% smaller than its predecessor, it will be the thinnest premium notebook on the market. Crafted for consumers striving for top quality items with a new aluminum unibody design, the new Series 9 will be available in a 13.3‚ and 15‚ SuperBright Plus screen sizes. Both will feature second generation Intel Core processors and full connectivity solid state storage.

Additionally, Samsung introduced the Series 5 ULTRA. Encased in a thin and lightweight chassis and powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, these Ultrabooks provide plenty of power for those on the go. Available in 13.3‚ and 14‚ sizes, the 14‚ offers a category-unique DVD drive. It boots up in just 20 seconds and wakes up in just two seconds. Web browsing is twice as fast as the previous generation of notebook PCs.

Storage is also a category exclusive featuring 500GB HDD complemented with 16 GB SSD ExpressCache ensuring improved speeds when executing everyday tasks like Web browsing.

Smart appliances, smart kitchen

Building on the success of its connected refrigerator, this year Samsung unveiled the Wi-Fi enabled WF457 washer with a Smart Control system allowing consumers to monitor cycle selections and remaining time as well as receive an alert when the load is complete via an application on their Samsung smartphone.

For LCD refrigerators with apps, Samsung introduces a Grocery Manager application that will allow consumers to track the location and expiration time of perishables. The apps will be added to the side-by-side (RSG309) and four-door French Door (RF4289) models.

‚We certainly look forward to bringing a number of these new technologies to the South African market and believe that the innovative nature of the respective product offerings will catapult Samsung into a highly competitive playing field ‚ delivering to market, products that are of the highest standards and are mapped directly to what our consumers expect of us,‚ says Deon Liebenberg, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics South Africa.

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