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CES 2012: Click ‘n match for iPhones



NUU Limited has announced the launch of the NUU ClickMate Series, a system of interchangeable accessories for the iPhone 4 and 4S at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

With one click, the ClickMate Series offers a unique spin on the standard iPhone case and how iPhone accessories are used. The ClickMate Foundation Case is the key to the whole series, providing a stable locking mechanism that secures all ClickMate accessories. “The locking system is amazingly simple yet effective,”” says NUU CEO Danny Sit. “”The ClickMate Series will extend the capabilities of the iPhone 4 and 4S, reinventing the way people think about and use phone accessories. It’s that easy to use.””

In North and South America the ClickMate Series will be available through Noetic, Inc. The March rollout will include the following ClickMate accessories in both black and white versions:

ClickMate PowerPlus (with Foundation Case) The PowerPlus is an external battery for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Combined with the Foundation Case, the PowerPlus lets you recharge on the go or be in standby mode so extra power is available when you need it most. The PowerPlus does not need to be removed to recharge: a pass-through connector allows simultaneous recharging and synching of the iPhone.


· 1600 mAh battery capacity

· Add up to:

o 5 hours of 3G or 10 hours 2G/GSM talk time

o 210 hours standby time

o 4 hours of 3G data usage or 7 hours Wi-Fi

o 7 hours video playback

o 28 hours audio playback

· Charges internal battery completely in 130 minutes

· Charges iPhone 4/4S battery to 75% in 70 minutes

· 4-part LED battery status and charge indicator

· One-touch control to enable/disable iPhone charging

ClickMate Clip Keep the iPhone in easy reach with the clip. Locked to the Foundation Case, the Clip lets you securely attach the iPhone virtually anywhere – a belt, pocket, purse, sun visor, etc. – and stops that awkward “”find my iPhone fumble”” when answering a call.

ClickMate Wallet Take along just the essentials with the ClickMate Wallet. Click it onto the Foundation Case for a handy place to store credit cards and cash. It fits up to three credit card sized items with dual-openings for easy access.

ClickMate Foundation Case The Foundation Case brings the whole ClickMate Series together. ClickMate accessories click in securely, but are easily removed when it’s time to switch. The Foundation Case can be used alone, and it provides a sleek look and subtle protection that won’t get in your way.

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