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Floors come alive at CES 2012



Reactrix, a manufacturer of interactive, multitouch display technology, partnered with Shuttle and Living in Digital Times to create a series of immersive entertainment experiences at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Reactrix’s Interactive Wallscape technology takes the iPad/Wii/Kinect model to new heights, transforming any surface ‚ walls, windows, floors, tables, and more ‚ into an interactive multitouch display. The action took place in a suite at the Bellagio Hotel, where Shuttle Inc. announced that it was bringing multitouch back to the desktop by integrating Reactrix technology with its compact high-performance desktop computers. The Shuttle PCs connects directly with Reactrix’s library of over 4,000 apps for interactive gaming, entertainment, and other content. In addition, more than 20 themed Living in Digital Times Tech Zones in the CES exhibit halls feature Reactrix-driven multimedia carpets, with interactive information about exhibitors, games, and more. ‚There’s no better way to showcase Reactrix’s interactive touch technology than to embed it right into the fabric of the CES experience,‚ said Reactrix CEO Robert Hoffer. ‚We’re excited to be working with the biggest leaders in the digital industry to make that happen.‚


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