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CES 2010: NetLogic Microsystems powers the connected car

NetLogic Microsystems’ Ultra Low-Power Alchemy processors have been selected to power advanced automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), telematics and Audio/Video Navigation (AVN) systems from manufacturers worldwide.

NetLogic Microsystems a manufacturer of intelligent semiconductor solutions for next-generation Internet networks, showcased a wide range of automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), telematics and audio/video navigation (AVN) systems from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that are powered by its ultra low-power Alchemy processors at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010.

NetLogic Microsystems’ Alchemy processor family delivers the processing performance, robust connected-media acceleration and ultra low-power functionality required for the next-generation ‚connected car’. Multiple OEMs and automobile manufacturers have announced connected car products that would allow users to access the Internet, watch videos and broadcast television, listen to audio files or tune in to Internet radio, and get real-time navigation maps and traffic from the comfort of their car.

‚Our Alchemy processors are powering and ushering in a new class of digital solutions for the connected car,‚ said Behrooz Abdi, executive vice president at NetLogic Microsystems. ‚By leading the industry in processing performance, functionality and ultra low-power profile, our Alchemy processors are enabling the convergence of media-rich entertainment, high-speed Internet connectivity, intelligent navigation and driver-assist safety features in tomorrow’s cars, as evidenced by our strong design win leadership at multiple Tier One customers.‚

Behrooz Abdi, executive vice president at NetLogic Microsystems

NetLogic Microsystems’ ultra low-power Alchemy processor family offers a processor running at 800MHz, and integrates a high-definition video acceleration engine and an advanced 2D/3D graphics processor in a 537-pin BGA package with 0.65mm or 0.8mm ball pitches. NetLogic Microsystems’ Alchemy processor also includes an LCD controller with four graphics planes for 32-bit RGB support, and the Media Acceleration Engine (MAE) provides H.264, MPEG 1/2/4, DivX, XviD, WMV9 and VC-1 hardware acceleration.

At CES 2010, NetLogic Microsystems showcased connected automotive solutions from customers that are powered by NetLogic Microsystems’ Alchemy processors, including:

LG Electronics’ In-Vehicle Infotainment and Audio/Video Navigation Systems

‚NetLogic Microsystems’ Alchemy processors truly surpassed our expectations in terms of processing performance and low-standby power, making it ideal for our next-generation automotive infotainment solutions,‚ said June Kim, vice president of research and development at LG Electronics’ Car Infotainment business.

‚LG’s infotainment solutions are seeing strong success and adoption by several leading auto manufacturers worldwide, and we look forward to our continued close collaboration with NetLogic Microsystems.‚

The LG infotainment solutions that incorporate the NetLogic Microsystems Au1300 processor feature a 7-inch WVGA LCD display, voice recognition, rear camera functionality, navigation capabilities and rich media playback. These solutions integrate Bluetooth, iPod interface, USB2.0 and AM/FM radio functionality. LG Electronics has successfully introduced these infotainment solutions in mass production to LG’s Tier One customers in October 2009.

Continental Automotive and Tinnos’ In-Vehicle Infotainment Solutions

‚We selected NetLogic Microsystems’ Alchemy processors because they provide superior performance, strong media-rich capabilities and extremely low standby power for our next-generation VRN7300 infotainment solutions,‚ said Dr. Sang-Lak Lee, chief executive officer at Tinnos. ‚As a leading provider of media-rich automotive infotainment solutions, we are excited to select NetLogic Microsystems and its Alchemy processors to help us deliver an infotainment solution to Continental Automotive.‚

Tinnos’ VRN7300 automotive infotainment system features an innovative 3-dimensional (3D) navigation and high-definition (HD) video playback capability, both of which are powered by NetLogic Microsystems’ Au1380 processor. The VRN7300 also offers a 4-way, 3-dimensional (3D) surround audio technology that delivers 5.1-channel surround sound, supported by DIMAGIC. In addition, the VRN7300 system from Tinnos integrates a touch-screen with translucent colours and dynamic flick capabilities.

Mapple Mobile’s 3-Dimensional (3D) Automotive Navigation Systems

‚NetLogic Microsystems’ Au1300 Alchemy processors deliver unmatched performance and low-power profile, while maintaining compatibility to the Au1200 family of processors,‚ said Dong-Hoon Park, chief executive officer at Mapple Mobile. ‚It is the only processor we have evaluated that can deliver over 800MHz of CPU performance while simultaneously running Windows CE6.0, 3D graphics and high-definition video decode at under 500mW.‚

Mapple’s navigation device is a multi-function automotive device that features 3D turn-by-turn navigation, dual-channel digital media broadcast receiver for T-DMB digital TV service, video/movie player, MP3/audio player, and a digital photo album. The device supports all major video formats: MPEG1/2/4, WMV, ASF, Divx and Xvid, comes with a built-in 7-inch Samsung TFT LCD display, and includes expansion capabilities to support rear camera, in-vehicle Bluetooth and black-box functionalities.

Fine Digital’s In-Car Audio/Video Navigation Devices

‚We are pleased to be using the Au1300 Alchemy processors from NetLogic Microsystems,‚ said Dr. Byung-Soo Kim, chief technology officer at Fine Digital. ‚Our collaboration with other technology leaders such as NetLogic Microsystems has enabled us to expand our market and technology leadership.‚

HanNetDigital’s All-in-One In-Dash type CAR AVN HANnavi-P720 Automotive Solutions

‚Our HANnavi car AVN (Audio & Video & navigation) systems are powered by dual Alchemy processors, which enable features and capabilities such as car AVN, memo recording, MP3 player, FM radio, digital photo album, video iPod controls, Bluetooth hands-free communications, AM / FM radio, automatic rear-view camera and a 800×480 24bit colour TFT LCD display,‚ said Jung-Ho Park, CEO of HanNetDigital. ‚We look forward to our continued collaboration with NetLogic Microsystems as we develop new generations of automotive AVN solutions.‚

AP Systems’ Automotive Navigation Systems

‚In addition to the Alchemy processors from NetLogic Microsystems, we have been extremely pleased with the strong support we have received from the NetLogic team,‚ said Young-Haeng Cho, executive vice president of AP Systems. ‚The Alchemy processors play a central role in our products by performing core system processing, and accelerating video, graphics and audio processing.‚

Samwell’s SM6120 In-Vehicle Infotainment Solutions

‚Our SM6120 in-vehicle infotainment systems offer functionality with built-in turn-by-turn navigation, video player, CD and MP3 player, AM/FM radio, and a 6.5-inch LCD touch-screen display,‚ said Zhang Dongming, general manager at Samwell. ‚NetLogic Microsystems’ Alchemy processors provide us with significantly better performance and lower power than alternate competitive solutions in the market.‚

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