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CES 2010: ASUS delivers more EPEAT Gold products

ASUS’ new monitors and its Eee PC Seashell Series meat the EPEAT Gold certification standards. Most of the product’s parts and packaging materials are said to be completely recyclable.

ASUS, a provider digital solutions and a company with a strong environmental focus, has once again delivered products that meet the Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold certification standards.

It’s Eeeasy to be Green

The Eee PC Seashell 1005HA, 1101HA, and 1001HA are the first models in the Eee PC range to attain the environmental standards required to be certified EPEAT Gold. As a further nod to the environment, 90% of their parts, as well as 80% of the packaging materials used, are recyclable.

A View to a Greener Future

Nine ASUS LCD monitors have also attained EPEAT Gold certification. The VH202T-P, VH222H-P, VH232H-P, VH236H-P, VH236HL-P, VH242H-P, VH242HL-P, VH235T-P and VW198T-P LCD monitors were recognised by EPEAT for reduced mercury usage as well as the use of post-consumer recycled plastics during manufacturing. According to the company, these environmental features do not compromise the monitor’s performance or reliability.

A Greener ASUS

Looking ahead, the company aims to take things further with its Green Material Innovation initiatives through the use of natural materials for its products. The ASUS U Series Bamboo Collection of notebooks feature the use of bamboo on the notebook’s lid and palm rest, delivering an elegant and organic user experience.

These environmental efforts are the result of a company-wide green mindset cultivated by the GreenASUS steering committee led by Jonney Shih, the chairman of ASUSTeK Computer. Through GreenASUS, every decision along the design, procurement, manufacturing and service chain is influenced by what produces the greenest outcome.

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