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Canon imagePrograf compacts A3+ pro printing

Canon has released the imagePrograf Pro-300, a professional-grade A3 printer that doesn’t take up the whole room.

Canon has launched the imagePrograf Pro-300, an A3+ printer with the quality features of the imagePrograf Pro series – suitable for semi-pros and aspiring photographers, small studios and photo labs. With a lightweight, compact form factor, this printer can produce gallery quality prints from the convenience of a desktop setting. 

Photographers can worry less about their printing and focus on their photography, thanks to built-in nozzle recovery and skew correction functions, which reduce ink and media waste. The imagePrograf Pro-300 enables borderless printing on all media types and improves black density and colour vibrancy on both fine art and glossy media.  

Fuss-free, gallery-quality printing 

The printer uses 10 Lucia Pro pigment inks to achieve an expanded colour gamut to create greater depth and richer colour in prints. For greater expression of deep blacks and monochrome images, this model uses new ink in both photo and matte black to realise deeper and more vivid on glossy and fine art media. Its dedicated Chroma Optimiser lays down a clear ink to minimise surface irregularities on gloss or semi-gloss paper, reducing bronzing and delivering better tonal superiority than before.  

Producing high quality prints without compromise, Canon’s L-Coa Pro processor can handle large image data and calculates the optimal ink droplet layout at super-fast speeds – printing A3 in less than five minutes. With separate ink nozzles for photo and matte black, the printer uses a zero-ink switching method – automatically choosing the correct ink based on the paper loaded – reducing ink consumption.  

Work productively 

One of the biggest concerns when printing professional photography is the ink nozzles clogging and causing misfires. To combat this, the Pro-300 detects if any nozzle is not firing correctly and will switch to backup nozzles to ensure there is no banding in the image while it is being printed. If paper is not aligned correctly when fed through the printer, the Auto Skew Correction function corrects and feeds the paper through to ensure a level print.  

The printer also checks the density levels of ink tanks, and periodically shakes the cartridges to maintain constant ink density levels throughout each tank – ensuring colours remain consistent. Photographers can also navigate the printer’s menus and functions with the clear and bright 3-inch colour LCD display that allows monitoring of printer functions, ink levels and paper settings. Such features ensure failsafe printing with the imagePrograf Pro-300 – saving both paper and ink. 

Canon provided the following information on features: 

  • Gallery quality printing with no ink switching 
  • Print without borders on a wide variety of media 
  • Enhanced colour gamut for greater depth 
  • 3-inch colour LCD menu screen 
  • Outstanding monochrome print quality 
  • Accurate screen to print match, every time 
  • High speed, high quality printing 

For more information on the printer and its availability, visit Canon’s website.  

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