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Buying a home projector? Ask these 4 questions

By TIMOTHY THOMAS, national sales manager at Epson South Africa.



Streaming services and advanced entertainment technology have broken the boundaries of home entertainment. They now allow families to enjoy their favourite movies, series and even games on large, high definition displays.

Investing in a quality home projector is now the best way to keep the entire family entertained with their favourite content, especially at a time when some children will only head back to school in mid-February.

Projectors vary in features, technology and even size, so choosing the ideal one can be tricky. Below are some tips to help you choose the best projector for your home entertainment.

1. Should I choose a laser or a light-bulb projector?

Despite being the newer of the projector kids on the block, laser projectors have transformed the home entertainment space. These projectors produce higher quality images, offer greater efficiency, and allow for more compact projection technology designs than their light bulb counterparts. 

Laser projectors are much brighter and produce better colour and contrast over similar lamp-based models. Best of all, because they don’t use physical bulbs, maintenance costs are significantly lower.

2. What connectivity inputs does the projector have?

The next thing to consider when purchasing a new projector is choosing one with all the inputs/outputs required to enhance the entertainment experience.

While most video projectors available today have HDMI inputs, projectors with additional inputs/outputs, like Bluetooth and stereo mini-jack audio output, can be connected to soundbars, and they can project content from smartphones, tablets or even game consoles. This way, everyone can project their movies, series, and games from their devices. 

3. Is the projector portable?

Families looking to make the most of South Africa’s warm summers by enjoying a movie in the garden, or even under the stars should consider purchasing a portable projector. Portable projectors like the Epson EF-100W/B are lightweight enough to move between rooms, place outside, or even take along on family vacations.

4. What is the projector’s resolution?

Another feature to consider when choosing a projector for a home theatre space is screen resolution. Resolution describes the clarity of a projected image based on the number of pixels that can be displayed.

Most projector resolutions range from SVGA at 800 x 600 pixels up to 4K UHD, at 3840 x 2160 pixels. For high definition home movies, consider purchasing a projector with a resolution of 1280 x 720 or above, capable of displaying content in a widescreen aspect ratio — the most popular form of this is 16:9. Of course, the ideal projector resolution is based entirely on what the projector will be used for, the room size, and the display surface. Be sure to discuss these in detail with the sales consultant you engage with when you’re buying your projector.

The benefits of having a home projector far outweigh flat panel displays (like flat-screen TVs). They provide an immersive, real-life viewing experience that TVs simply can’t match, and they offer value for money when looking for a large cinematic theatre-like screen.

Purchasing a projector for home entertainment is the way to go for any family that’s looking for outstanding quality, scalable screen size, and the best quality home entertainment that can be enjoyed from just about anywhere.

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