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Ask Bongani: What operates your smart TV

BONGANI SITHOLE details the ‘smart’ in your smart TV, looking at different operating systems.

Q: I want to buy a smart TV. Does it matter what operating system it has?

A: The ‘smart’ in your TV depends on how seamlessly your operating system runs programs on your TV. Just like smartphones and computers/laptops, smart TVs have different operating systems that have different functions that allow users to access and control advanced features and connected devices.

Here’s a list of Smart TV OSs and their functions:

  • Android TV: The concept behind Android TV is to bring the convenience of a smartphone to the television screen, allowing users to enjoy easy navigation and access to entertainment and other content. The Android TV interface is intuitive and offers voice control and other similar features found on smartphones. The TV can also connect to a television tuner and can use apps like Netflix and Youtube to view content. YouTube is also built into the interface. Users can also operate the device by voice, making it convenient to do everything from watching a movie to controlling volume.
  • Tizen OS is a Linux-based mobile operating system supported by the Linux Foundation and primarily developed and used by Samsung Electronics. The Tizen operating system offers Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth synchronisation. Samsung allows sharing audio and video content from compatible smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth through the SmartView app. Samsung TVs also support voice interaction via voice-equipped remote controls. Some remote controls use Bixby. However, Bixby voice control is proprietary and not compatible with voice assistant platforms like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  •  WebOS is a Linux-based multitasking operating system for smart devices like smart TVs, used in LG WebOS. LG’s user-friendly interface means one has quick and easy access to catch-up TV, movies, sports and music on a Smart TV. It offers access to a range of free and subscription services through its own app store.
  • Roku TV OS: Software that was built specifically for streaming TV. An easy-to-navigate home screen allows users to watch with a click, with features like Voice control, which works well with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. AN AirPlay feature allows one to share videos, photos, and music from an Apple device, and mirror the screen from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the big screen.

When shopping for a smart TV, always keep in mind how seamless your TV navigation is and what best suits your entertainment needs. How smart do you want your TV to be?

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