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Ask Bongani: Dual Sim benefits

BONGANI SITHOLE details the benefits of having a dual sim device and how it works.

Q: Are there any benefits to having a dual sim device? How does it work?

A: There are a number of benefits of having a dual SIM device.  These include:

Having two different operators on the same device instead of two devices.

Depending on your preference of network operators for different purposes, using a dual SIM device allows you to alternate between different network operators, enabling the use of a data bundle from one operator and airtime from another. It also gives you the option of choosing the operator with better coverage in a particular area, or with better data plans for uses like social media.

Travelling abroad and having access to your local network operator.

When travelling abroad you can still be connected to your local network, while using the network of the country you are visiting. Typically, for the local SIM, you have to activate international roaming with your local network operator before travel. The other slot on your dual device can have a SIM from an operator from the country you are visiting.

Reachable on another number.

Network operators provide coverage maps for different areas. If you are in an area where your network operator does not provide coverage, you can access another network.

The other option to look at is getting an e-sim(electronic SIM). It is available on devices like the Apple Watch, Samsung smartwatch, Selected models of the iPhone and iPads, Samsung Galaxy devices from Note 20 and S20 onward, and Google Pixel.

Check your cellphone if it is e-sim enabled by locating your IMEI and on the IMEI information tab. If it shows IMEI(e-sim) your device is enabled with e-sim.

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