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How to bring Google apps to Huawei

The USA may have banned Huawei from using Google services, but now you can now install Google apps directly from the AppGallery.

Installing Google apps on Huawei phones is now almost effortless.

 All one has to do is go to the AppGallery and search for the app that one wants, select it and then proceed to install the desired selections. 

Almost all the popular Google apps, including Google Maps, YouTube, Google photos and Google Drive, are available for download. Once installed, all these apps will appear on the phone’s home screen and function like any other app; one can even sign into one’s Google account on them.

That means, for example, one can access saved locations on the map and the videos added to the ‘Watch Later’ playlist on YouTube.

As these are proper apps and not web shortcuts, the issues users were facing while using the web shortcuts, like YouTube videos not playing in full screen, are also a thing of the past. 

All this is possible thanks to a third-party app called GBox, which also works on other Android smartphones. Non-Google apps that use Google services for some of their features will also usually work without hiccups using this method.

Microsoft Teams, which used to experience reliability issues before, can now run smoothly. The results are just as promising for apps like Uber that use in-app maps. Moreover, one is able to install these apps from the AppGallery, and they will run smoothly. This method works on all the recent Huawei smartphones, including the Mate50 Pro, nova 10 Series, and P50 Series.

With the launch of the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro in South Africa, many users looking to upgrade their smartphones found themselves enticed by the phone’s features but were unable to make up their minds because of the lack of Google services. Now that almost any Google app can be used on Huawei phones, the problem can finally be put to rest.

 Bear in mind that some apps, like Gmail, are not yet fully supported. 

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