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AppDate: uKheshe bring banking to the masses

In his apps roundup, SEAN BACHER highlights uKheshe, FNB’s banking app with its will feature, Split Payments, Momentum Safety Alert and Fleetonomy.



Momentum Safety Alert

Momentum Short Term Insurance has boosted its safety offerings for customers with the introduction of Safety Alert, an emergency panic button linked to armed response, which is available through the Momentum app.

Momentum started its safety offerings with the introduction of Safety Score in 2015, enhanced with the launch of Safe Dayz in 2017.

These offerings, and others such as Home Drive, Momentum Assist and now Safety Alert, encompass personal, road and home safety with the main aim of helping its clients avoid risk(s) or minimise the impact if a risk event occurs. Safety Alert is linked to 1 500 armed responders throughout South Africa.

Activating Safety Alert via the Momentum App on a smartphone allows for the immediate pinpointing of a location and the dispatch of an armed response unit. 

Users must ensure their location setting is active when initiating Safety Alert. It is free of charge to all Momentum Car and Home Insurance policyholders for a limited time until August 2020.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Momentum Safety Alert can be downloaded here.


InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital and mobility services arm, has partnered with startup Fleetonomy to launch its Havn chauffeur service in London. Fleetonomy will provide Havn with its end-to-end platform, including advanced fleet management technology, a dispatch system, demand prediction modules, and AI-based optimisation engines.

The partnership will enable Havn to leverage Fleetonomy’s AI-based mobility operations platform in order to launch and operate their app-based, pre-booked chauffeur service using a fleet of fully electric Jaguar I-PACE vehicles. Some of the platform’s capabilities include schedule planning, synchronising optimal charging times and locations, guaranteeing that vehicles are positioned optimally according to demand, and ensuring that trips are completed smoothly without interruptions.

As part of the startup company’s end-to-end solution, Fleetonomy will also supply mobile apps for the service’s passengers and drivers, as well as customer relationship management tools and a scheduling dashboard, to be used by Havn’s operations team.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Download Havn here

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