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Amstel says cheers to AR

To celebrate the success of their new TV advert, ‚”The Chef‚”, Amstel Lager has turned the logo on its bottle into an augmented reality reader.

To watch the TV ad, ‚”The Chef‚” on an Amstel Lager bottle, consumers need to download the Aurasma App from the App Storeonto their smartphone and launch the app. They must then click on the Aurasma icon, search for ‚”Amstel Lager‚” and follow the channel. After clicking on the viewfinder, they hold their phones in front of the logo and the TV ad will play. It works with any Amstel logo – not only on a bottle.

‚”We were very excited about ‚”The Chef‚” and wanted to share it with as many people as possible,‚” says Diederik Vos, marketing manager of brandhouse. ‚”We felt the augmented reality application was very innovative, and loved the idea that our consumers are able to enjoy our new TV at the same time they enjoy our beer.‚”

Amstel have created a video that shows consumers step-by-step how to use the augmented reality. Watch the video here:

You can use the following links to download the Aurasma App from iTunes:

Or from Google Play:

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