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Adobe goes social

Adobe has announced Adobe Social, which predicts social engagement on individual pieces of content and automatically suggests ideal timing to improve how that content will perform.

The initial version offers Facebook integration, and additional social platforms will be added later this year. Adobe Social, a key element of Adobe Marketing Cloud, enables marketers to scale social marketing across their organisations, listen and respond to customer conversations, and connect the dots between social interactions and business results.

Traditionally, social posts are composed without a measurable, data-driven connection to how they will be received, and many marketers release big news or compelling content through social channels only to find that it falls flat in terms of engagement. Social marketers are left wondering if they posted at the wrong time or if the wording somehow discouraged participation.

The new predictive publishing feature in Adobe Social helps social teams deliver content that will best resonate with their audience. The tool makes engagement predictions and timing recommendations using advanced sentiment analysis and predictive text mining algorithms based on historic data around engagement, post time, and sentiment. And because the solution learns as it goes, it continually refines recommendations and gets smarter with each action.

‚”Social marketers have largely had to rely on instinct to uncover not only what resonates but what will maximise future engagement on social platforms,‚” said Bill Ingram, vice president, Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics, Adobe. ‚”Now we can smarten up social by unlocking the power of predictive analytics.‚”

Adobe Social Demonstrates and Delivers Business Results

Marketing leaders cite ‚’increasing engagement’ and ‚’proving social ROI’ as two of the most important objectives of social marketing strategy. Adobe Social now provides insight into the projected performance of social content and recommendations to boost that performance, giving marketers a tool that allows them to improve content engagement, increase valuable customer interactions and conversions, and maximise the value of their social efforts.

‚”As a company with a significant global social presence, including more than 20 European markets, it’s a daunting task to effectively manage our fans and followers across the various languages and countries. Adding a social predictive publishing capability to our Adobe Social workflow is a welcome feature that will make our jobs easier and save loads of time. More importantly it will help achieve our social engagement goals while maximising the value of our social efforts,‚” said Simon Nicholson, Social Media Manager, Honda Motor Europe.


The new predictive publishing capability in Adobe Social is currently in beta and is expected to be available this summer. The initial version offers Facebook integration: other social platforms will be added later this year.


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