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Absa deposits R550m in ATMs

Absa has committed more than R550-million to improve and enhance its ATM network and expand convenient self-service banking facilities for Absa and non-Absa customers.

Absa operates the largest ATM footprint nationwide with more than 9000 conveniently located ATMs. The investment has ensured that all ATMs have enhanced functionality and industry-leading availability and uptime.

Enhancements to the network include ATMs which provide convenient card-less transactions like cash deposits: CashSend: Scan n Pay, which provides simple bill scanning and payment: and contactless card services for Absa’s PayPass and My City Cards. The ATMs also provide immediate short-term Instant Loans and eStamped statements eliminating the need for customers to go into a branch.

‚”For the majority of South Africans an ATM is the most convenient interface with the bank,‚” says Arrie Rautenbach, Absa Head of Retail Banking. ‚”We have strategically chosen each and every ATM location so that it offers both Absa and non-Absa customers convenience. The improved hardware ensures that all customers have a fast and reliable experience no matter where the ATM is located.‚”

Absa’s ATMs were recently recognised in the 2013 Accenture Innovation Index for their feature-rich functionality which makes the lives of its customers much easier. With the improved functionality and anytime availability, customers rarely need to visit a branch.

Absa is at the forefront of transforming ATMs, traditionally used as cash dispensing devices, into platforms that provide the most convenient banking and transactional facilities to Absa and non-Absa banked customers. Additionally, Absa’s ATMs provide a cheaper method of performing in-branch functions with the convenience of any-time availability.

‚”As we look to provide South Africans with solutions that enable them to prosper, we will continue to invest in innovative, convenient solutions that make us the ‚’Go-To’ bank for South Africans banked and unbanked alike,‚” concludes Rautenbach.


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