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A cheaper MultiChoice PVR

MultiChoice is launching a much more affordable PVR decoder that is also capable of delivering High definition programmes. This decoder, called HD PVR 2P, will be more accessible to the wider market. It is available now at leading retailers and furniture stores at a launch price of R1999.

MultiChoice released this PVR decoder in time for the FIFA World Cup to give South Africans the chance to experience the benefits of PVR. Depending on your preferred bouquet subscription, subscribers will be able to view their favourite programs using PVR functionalities.

The decoder can also be used with a normal standard definition television set, enabling subscriber to enjoy PVR functionalities. These include watching one channel, whilst recording another channel at the same time: as well as pausing, rewinding live programs and fast forwarding live recorded programmes. Subscribers with high definition televisions and with premium subscriptions will be able to watch most of their favourite sports, movies and documentaries in high definition. SuperSport will broadcast FIFA World Cup matches on four dedicated soccer channels: two of these will be in High Definition.

MultiChoice Chief Technology Officer Gerdus van Eeden says, ‚The eyes of the world will be on South Africa during the FIFA World Cup, and the launch of an affordable PVR decoder before this event, enables more of our subscribers the opportunity to experience full control of your viewing experience using PVR functionalities, and to enable our premium subscribers the option to watch the games in glorious HD quality ‚

You can store 150 hours of Standard Definition programming or 50 hours of High Definition programming on the decoder.

This decoder can also be linked to any of our latest decoders to provide a multi-viewing environment.

In order to launch this PVR decoder before the world cup, series record functionality and DStv ON DEMAND services have not been included but will automatically be downloaded to the decoder later this year.

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