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18 hours of battery power?

Fujitsu’s new LIFEBOOK notebooks are said to increase battery runtimes by as much as 75 percent from the previous generation, with batteries that last through even the longest flights and workdays ‚ up to 18 hours in the case of the LIFEBOOK E780. Furthermore, Fujitsu offers you ten tips on how to get the most out of your battery.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOKs have always had long battery runtimes: the latest generation of Li-Ion batteries and a second battery in the modular bay extend these even further. By using advanced technologies such as low tolerance, well-matched circuitry and energy-efficient LED displays throughout the portfolio, Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOKs are more efficient than ever. Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK E780 even reaches a battery runtime of as much as 18 hours.

Fujitsu’s EcoButton offers another boost to battery life, by giving users a simple way to save energy and extend battery runtime. With the touch of a button, users can switch off the most resource-hungry functions such as Firewire (IEEE 1394), card slots, optical disk drives as well as reducing display brightness. Fujitsu’s green approach is also proven by independent organisations: most of Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOKs have ENERGY STAR 5.0 and EPEAT Gold certifications.

Energy-efficient notebooks and batteries translate into more efficient work days for users. For notebook users who are constantly on the road, struggling to find a power socket to juice up their notebook until the next stop can be time consuming and frustrating.

Ross Olver, Portfolio Manager Business Clients at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, says: ‚Notebook users need to be able to depend on the battery life of their notebooks. We all know there’s nothing worse than trying to get work done on a long journey only to find the battery life dipping into the red low power zone just as you’re getting into your stride.‚

Power/BatterySavingTips from Fujitsu

If your notebook doesn’t have latest battery tech from Fujitsu you can still improve runtime. Here are some handy tips from Fujitsu:

#PowerTip 1: Reduce notebook screen brightness to 60 percent and switch off screen-savers

#PowerTip 2: Switch to moderate performance level in control panel or with MobilityCenter button in Fujitsu LIFEBOOKs

#PowerTip 3: Switch-off power-draining non-essential ports and LAN connections while on the move

#PowerTip 4: Set power management features to darken screen after 1 min idle & switch off hard disk drive after 2 min

#PowerTip 5: Don’t just standby, hibernate: Set power management features to hibernate when inactive

#PowerTip 6: Don’t go auto-pilot: Turn off scheduled tasks to stop the hard disk drive from spinning all the time

#PowerTip 7: Essential maintenance: Defragment your hard disk drive for more efficient performance

#PowerTip 8: Disable unused ports in the BIOS if you don’t need the serial port or the parallel port, Infrared, modem

#PowerTip 9: Think about using an SSD hard disk drive ‚ This can save up to 10 percent energy

#PowerTip 10: If notebook is not used regularly load the battery to 50-70% and leave battery in a cool and dry room

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