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Quick customer interaction with the Qkey

Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles, Kia Motors, has taken the first step within the South African motoring industry to utilise the world’s first Enhanced Mobile Communications platform. The platform, known as Qkey, offers consumers the easiest means of interacting with brands that interest them.

Kia is using Qkey to let their customers access the latest news on Kia Motors, book a service, find information on new vehicles, book test drives, and do all this anywhere and anytime, from the palm of their hands using a mobile phone.

By displaying the Q-device on all of KIA’s advertising and sponsorship communications it allows interested consumers to instantly engage with the Brand to discover more by dialing the 0873 10 10 10 number and entering 542 when prompted for the Q-number. Kia’s Q-site, Q-542 is a delivery mechanism that allows access to every single individual in the country who has a mobile phone, be it through a traditional voice call or via a mobile internet connection from a smart phone. Applications can also be down loaded for Java enabled handsets and iPhones that allow users to engage with out even making a call. Its one integrated solution for all to use.

‚As we navigate our way through the fast evolving mobile advertising revolution we believe we are providing the most ‚open and accessible‚ mobile system available. It links our traditional advertising communication with the power of the mobile phone to allow people who are interested to engage with us further. What’s great is that anyone with a phone can gain access to our Q-site, no matter how simple or technically advanced their phone is. Consumers can experience the Q-site in a visual format as well if they have a mobile internet enabled handset. Try it and see,‚ says Errol Levin, Business Development Manager, at Kia Motors South Africa.

Kia joins brands such as SABC, ABSA, Nedbank, TNT Express and Seeff Properties along with many others on the Q-platform.

‚We will be using Qkey as a tool to increase qualified leads and sales. With Qkey we can interact with consumers that are genuinely interested in the brand and want to interact with the brand as opposed to the other way around. So whether it’s to book a test drive or a service or even take part in the Kia Soul Campaign giving South Africans a chance to ‚show us their Soccer Soul, consumers now have one single access point to Kia Motors without having to go into a dealership.‚ adds Levin. When consumers see Kia’s Q-number (Q-542), which will be tagged on cars, adverts and on any marketing collateral, all they need to do is dial in using the Q-call number 0873 10 10 10 in order to engage with the brand. Consumers are encouraged to save this number under the letter Q on their mobile handset as this is the same Q-call number that will allow them access to all other Q-numbers and brands they may wish to engage with. Saving it makes ongoing interactions even easier. The Q-system will then ask for a Q-number, in this case- 542 (K.I.A), which consumers will punch in on their mobile handset for an instant connection to the Kia brand and its offerings. Should the caller then want a visual experience of the Kia’s Q-site they can press the # key at any time. They end the call and receive an sms with a link to the Kia Q-site ‚ A different type of mobi site! All calls and data links are charged at normal standard rates.

‚We believe that Qkey will lead us into the future of client communications,‚ concludes Levin.

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