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New Verbatim products offer peace-of-mind

Verbatim has announced the launch of a new range of professional secure storage products under the family name ‚Secure ‚n Go’. According to the company, these new products are designed to address the growing issues of data leakage, security and the EU legal requirements.

The new assortment is addressing the increasing need of professional and private users to prevent data leakage, secure mobile storage devices and match legal EU requirements. The range includes hardware-encrypted Secure Data USB drives, SSD ExpressCards, Solid State Drives, DVDs and Central Remote Management.

Key features include:

· Secure Data Storage

· Legal Compliance

· 256bit AES Hardware Encryption

· Proven Verbatim Quality and Reliability

Whether for professional or private use, no-one likes the thought of storing or archiving sensitive data that can be accessed by unapproved people. This can be true for many files, from financial data, new product designs, plans, legal contracts, images, lists of names and addresses – basically, anything that would be considered private or confidential.

‚Organisations need to ensure that data is secure for legal reasons, but they also should do it to prevent the company’s reputation from being damaged. Today, data loss is a significant legal and regulatory issue and those responsible for IT within companies need to be fully aware of this,‚ comments Manny Cross, Manager – Sub Sahara Africa at Verbatim.

Secure Data USB Drive / SSD ExpressCard ‚Remote‚

Verbatim’s Secure Data USB and SSD Drives ‚Remote‚ deliver premium AES 256bit (Advanced Encryption Standard) hardware security encryption and integrated password protection on an SSD ExpressCard or USB drive, which enables the storing and carrying of confidential data while being protected from loss or theft. An additional line of defence strengthens the security of your data even further: After registering the device, the user can control the device via the Internet and ‚lock‚ (no password entry possible), ‚unlock‚ (enable password entry) or ‚erase all data‚ if it becomes lost/stolen. The SSD ExpressCard drive fits inside every laptop’s PCI ExpressCard slot, providing a convenient way to add storage capacity without increasing the footprint of the laptop with an external device or going inside the case to install hardware.

Secure Data USB Drive /SSD ExpressCard ‚AntiVirus‚

Verbatim’s Secure Data USB Drive / SSD ExpressCard ‚AntiVirus‚ incorporates an embedded McAfee antivirus support. This ensures that user data remain both secure from unauthorised viewing and virus free offering a combination of premium 256bit hardware encryption with an independent virus scanner ‚ all provided independently of the host computer. The free AntiVirus update service lasts for 12 months. The virus scanner will continue to work after these 12 months, and users can choose to purchase and receive future updates from McAfee directly once the free period has elapsed.

Centralised Remote Management for Corporate Users with Verbatim VCS

Verbatim Control System (VCS) offers a centralised management server allowing the IT administrator to remotely control and manage all flash drives being used in the organisation.

The advanced remote management capabilities include:

· Lock, Unlock or Erase drives of any user from corporate headquarters

· Audit, trace and view logs of corporate flash drive usage

· Enforce corporate security policies with respect to the use of flash drives by different user types

· Generate individual drive or aggregated reports

Corporate Security ‚ Verbatim Secure Data USB Drive FIPS 140-2

Verbatim¬¥s Corporate Secure USB Drive ‚ FIPS Edition – is NIST certified to meet Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 Level 2 security requirements for cryptographic modules. Optimised for maximum performance and protection, this drive offers AES 256bit hardware data encryption, password hashing algorithm and protected password entry.

Robust Data Security with Secure Data HDD Backup ‚PowerBay DataBank‚

The Verbatim PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive provides robust data security for small and medium sized businesses, allowing documents to be safely shared across a network and on the Internet for employees to access. Designed specifically for network storage, a NAS tends to be easier to manage than a file server. All data recorded to the RAID volume can be encrypted with AES 256bit hardware encryption. The encrypted volume can be mirrored through the external eSATA port and the mirrored volume will also be encrypted. The System Administrator can also lock the entire volume by setting the passwords in user interface (GUI).

Verbatim Secure Data SSD 6,35cm (2,5”)

Flash-based solid state drives (SSD) solutions are increasingly finding their way into laptops, servers and other devices, offering rugged, fast and power-efficient removable storage. With the new Verbatim Secure Data SSD 6,35cm (2,5”), users will be able to upgrade their notebook from HDD storage to cutting-edge SSD technology while at the same time ensuring that their data is secure. Featuring 256bit hardware encryption, the new 6.35cm (2.5‚ ) SSD drive provides additional benefits to laptops such as faster start-up, faster random access and faster boot and application launch times. It also offers lower power consumption, less heat when in use, and high mechanical reliability due to the lack of moving parts, as well as the ability to endure extreme shock, high altitude, vibration and extremes of temperature.

Secure Optical Data with Verbatim SecureSave DVD

Sensitive data is regularly saved onto optical discs ‚ contracts, blueprints, software, personal correspondence, records, to list just a few. The SecureSave DVD from Verbatim saves and protects files using 256-bit AES software encryption. Data can be securely stored on the disc and transported safely with the knowledge that the contents of the disc cannot be accessed illegitimately.

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