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Zeppelin Air App rocks in

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has launched the free Zeppelin Air App, which brings iTunes music collections together, allowing users to wirelessly contribute their music to a community playlist.

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has launched the new free Zeppelin Air App, which is a fun way of using music socially and wirelessly. Ryno Goosen from leading audio and video distributor, The HFX Group, explains: ‚”The app brings iTunes music collections from multiple iOS devices together wirelessly, so several iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone users can build a customised, collaborative community playlist streamed to any AirPlay-enabled music player like the B&W Zeppelin Air speaker dock.‚”

He says that you can download the free app directly to your Apple device, invite your party guests to do the same, and immediately begin streaming everyone’s favourite tunes to a playlist you manage on your device. You’ll have a chance to edit your playlist before you send tunes wirelessly via the app on your device to your music player. Now everyone can share the magic of AirPlay.‚”

There are many mobile apps that allow you to stream music, but the Zeppelin Air App is the first of its kind to enable users to share music and create collaborative playlists with friends, from mobile device to mobile device. ‚”For nearly five decades, B&W have been committed to delivering the ultimate music listening experiences. This app takes that commitment to the next level by allowing music fans to share in the Bowers & Wilkins true sound experience with family and friends, in real-time, in a familiar setting,‚” notes Goosen.

The Zeppelin Air App also provides an opportunity to learn about the many benefits of the Zeppelin Air Wireless Music System and Apple’s revolutionary AirPlay technology with dynamic, engaging and informative content within the app.

(AirPlay requires iTunes 10.1 or later and iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.2 or later.)

A little bit of info on the B&W Zeppelin Air premium iPod speaker system

B&W’s Zeppelin Air is the ultimate AirPlay wireless audio system with completely updated drive units and advanced Digital Signal Processing, plus fully integrated AirPlay technology so users can easily stream music wirelessly from iTunes, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Ryno Goosen from leading audio and video supplier, The HFX Group, explains: ‚”The latest Zeppelin Air provides a seismic shift in audio performance, design and functionality with completely updated drive units, up- rated amplification and the latest in Digital Signal Processing to deliver improved sound quality.‚”

The improved sonic performance is complemented by a collection of new features, foremost among which is the inclusion of new AirPlay technology. AirPlay also lets users create an easy to set-up multi-room system with iTunes on Mac or PC, delivering music to multiple Zeppelin Airs around the house.

Goosen says that this is the best sounding Zeppelin yet: ‚”The latest Zeppelin Air features dramatic changes over previous models. It’s a fully active 2.1 design, which means that all five units are individually driven by dedicated audiophile amplifiers, which are specially designed by B&W. The improved 4x25W + 1x50W output powers updated drive units, for a truly room-filling performance.

‚”Zeppelin Air also features B&W Flowport technology and advanced Digital Signal Processing in the form of Dynamic EQ: these combine with a significantly upgraded port for dramatically improved bass performance. The DACs have also been upgraded, with 24bit-96KHz capability for compatibility with emerging high-quality audio formats,‚” notes Goosen.

The B&W Zeppelin Air retails for R6 590 00 and is distributed by The HFX Group visit to find a retailer closest to you.

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