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Samsung brings dual-dock to SA

Samsung has announced the local availability of the Wireless Audio Dock, which allows Samsung Galaxy and Apple iOS users to dock their devices and listen to their playlists.

Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced the local availability of the Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock (WAD). This is a new line of wireless audio docking systems that features rich sound quality comparable to premium audio systems. These docking stations also allow mobile phone users to enjoy high-quality audio experiences that support both Samsung Galaxy and Apple iOS devices.

‚”Listening to music, whether individually or in a group setting, is one of the most personal and valued forms of entertainment. As the leader in home entertainment, Samsung looked to create products that are unique, highly-functional and beautifully designed, yet still offer the crystal clear, rich sound that consumers expect, regardless of the portable device they store their music on,‚” says Justin Shaw, Business Leader for Visual Display at Samsung Electronics South Africa. ‚”With this launch Samsung have achieved exactly this, as our new range WAD product line incorporates principles of extreme simplicity and the natural environment – making them an outstanding addition for the home.‚”

The Samsung DA-E750 Wireless Audio with Dock exclusive technology with enhanced connectivity and style:

The Samsung DA-E750 WAD is the company’s first speaker dock that supports the Galaxy S smartphone as well as Apple iOS devices including iPods and iPads via a unique dual docking structure. The unit features Samsung’s Vacuum Tube Amp technology – offering a highly natural sound and pure listening experience – through the combination of the digital amplifier’s sharp clarity and the rich, warm sound performance of vacuum tubes.

Digital amplifiers deliver clear sound output, are more energy efficient and can fit into a smaller form factor. The vacuum tube is used in the pre-amplifier while the power amplifier uses digital technology so the WAD is able to maintain its beautifully slim body. ‚”By combining the best of both, Samsung has achieved a technology breakthrough and has certainly raised the bar on sound quality for mainstream audio products,‚” adds Shaw.

The WAD, which boasts a 2.1-channel speaker and powerful built-in 100 watt subwoofer with professional grade glass fibre speakers, also offers analogue (composite) input and a USB port to play audio files directly from a thumb drive, music player or portable hard drive. MP3, WMA and WAV file formats are supported. In addition, the DA-E750 supports wireless audio file playback through AllShare for Samsung Galaxy devices and Airplay for Apple devices or via Bluetooth enabled devices for the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Furthermore, through the Soundshare functionality consumers can stream audio from their TVs to the WAD system. This making it easier for the them to listen to their favourite movies, shows and music in high quality sound provided they have a Samsung E6200 LED and above or E550 plasma and above.

This device also boasts Soundshare functionality – designed to automatically and wirelessly connect Samsung’s Wireless Audio Dock to your TV’s audio via a Bluetooth connection, enabling users to stream and listen to their favourite movies, shows and music with high quality sound. Furthermore with Samsung’s AllShare Play and Airplay, WAD allows the user to wirelessly stream music from both Samsung Galaxy and Apple devices. This freedom allows anyone to enjoy listening to their favourite music whilst moving around with their smart phones.

With the benefit of Bluetooth technology transferring music with the WAD allows faster streaming of data without losing sound quality.

The elegant design of the DA-E750 exudes the highest level of sophistication when in operation the vacuum tube inside the dock emits a warm, soft glow that accentuates the sleek, high gloss wood finish and adds a touch of luxury to the system. Additionally, the WAD, creates music for the user to enjoy and the tonal balance of each instrument within high, medium and low pitch sounds. The sound experience for the user is natural and harmonious.

Available locally at a recommended retail price of R6 999.

The Samsung DA-E670 Wireless Audio with Dock supreme convenience and sophisticated simplicity:

The DA-E670 is an easy-to-use WAD that offers a superb listening experience while simultaneously charging the batteries of each device. With its compact footprint, the DA-E670 is perfect for a living room, in a home office, or even in a bedroom, wherever music can be enjoyed while the devices charge. With built-in speakers that collectively outputs 40 watts of power and an integrated subwoofer that allows users to experience an enhanced bass response, the DA-E670 delivers 40 watts of powerful sound through glass fibre speakers.

Like Samsung’s DA-E750, this device includes USB Direct Play, and supports wireless audio file playback through AllShare (DLNA)* for Samsung Galaxy devices and Airplay for Apple devices or via Bluetooth enabled devices for the ultimate in flexibility and convenience

Available locally at a recommended retail price of R4 999.

The Samsung DA-E650 Wireless Audio with Dock

The DA-E650 features elegant curved aesthetics that are inspired by a horn. The unit features USB Direct Play and Glass Fibre Speakers. Like other models, Samsung’s DA-E650 also offers wireless playback through Bluetooth compatible devices.

Available locally at a recommended retail price of R3999

The entry level Samsung DA -E550 and the DA-570 Wireless Audio with Dock

The DA-E550 features a horn design that will compliment your décor in your home, with dual locking capabilities for Galaxy devices and Apple products which allows families and friends to share their music. With the flexibility of the Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and apt X technology which means that the wireless audio is fast and has wonderful sound quality that can be streamed onto the devices or by using compatible devices to connect via AUX or UBS inputs.

The DA-E570, on the other hand, boasts a box design and features a 2-channel system with a dual locking station to accommodate all devices. Wireless connectivity to stream audio is supported by the Bluetooth 3.0 quality and the premium sound is ensured as the system outputs 10 watts total power. With a power bass function to add intensity to audio sessions and an aux input for a one to enjoy music.

Both the Samsung DA- E550 and DA-E570 are available locally at a recommended retail price of R2 499


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