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YOUBIQ turns iPhone into media centre

The latest generation of smartphones have cameras that rival most point-and-shoot digital cameras, and the migration of digital photography to smartphones is gaining traction. Enter YOUBIQ…anywhere, everywhere.

The YOUBIQ Gymbl transforms your iPhone into a “camera with a smartphone.”” This flexible accessory is an all-in-one comfortable grip, on-the-go tripod and tripod adapter, for capturing images with great fidelity. At the heart of the Gymbl is a gimbal, a pivoting, panoramic head that lets the user rotate the iPhone 4 around its optical center. The Gymbl is a rugged, compact and versatile accessory that can be attached in seconds to a stylish, hard-shelled, ergonomic iPhone 4 case (included). The Gymbl can serve as a handheld grip to steadily and securely hold the camera in any position, or as a tripod to enable hands-free use of the iPhone 4 — at home, in a meeting, for FaceTime, interacting with apps ‚ anywhere.

YOUBIQ eliminates the need to connect to a computer. The YOUBIQ App connects to the YOUBIQ Cloud, synchronizing and archiving photos in the background as they’re shot. The App also activates state-of-the-art services in the YOUBIQ Cloud including sharing and organization, while preserving the originals. The App registers the date and time, location, direction, and camera orientation of every image. It attaches the information to the media file so it can be easily organized on the iPhone 4 and in the YOUBIQ Cloud.

The App allows users to capture compound images in convenient project folders using an “”augmented reality”” helper that makes capturing panoramas a snap. Source images are automatically archived in the background to the YOUBIQ Cloud to free up memory and can be copied to the iPhone’s Photo album where they are available for use in other apps. Tags are used to help organize images and to enable powerful features in the YOUBIQ Cloud.

The YOUBIQ Cloud is private and secure, enabling users to control what, where and how media is shared. Default settings allow for sensitive information, like location and tags, to be removed automatically before media is shared. With the YOUBIQ Cloud, media can be accessed and managed from anywhere using a standard web browser so there’s no need to connect to a computer.

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