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MacWorld: SnoringU fixes your sleep through iPad, iTouch and iPhone

Suffering from sleeping disorders? Constantly waking your partner due to snoring? Most people would say you would need to pay a visit to a doctor. Not any more, just pay a visit to Apple’s App store and download these helpful applications which were launched at MacWorld this year.

Snoring U is a sleep monitoring application that helps people who suffer from snoring. Basically, Snoring U performs a ‚nudge‚ , which is triggered by a set of complex rules that are applied to the noise level, noise pattern and desired user behavior. It can also be used for monitoring purposes, allowing you to view how loud and how often you snored during your sleep, and even listen to a recording of your sleep and compare a history of your sleep session.

Snoring U was developed under the guidance of Dr. Naveh Tov, M.D., Ph.D., who specializes in internal pulmonary and sleep medicine. This application does

not claim to cure snoring, but it can give the user the ‚nudge‚ they need to stop snoring, while also providing valuable information about their sleep profile.

Features of Snoring U include:

• Records and plays sounds

• Nudges to help users stop snoring

• Charts your sleep and allows easy zoom and playback

• E-mail the data from the application

• Continues to work when the device is in sleep mode

• History feature lets users review previous sleep sessions

• Works with iPod touch with a microphone installed

In connection with the release of the latest version of Snoring U, Pointer Software Systems has also released two brand new applications, Sleeping U and Baby M.

Sleeping U is an application that monitors and records sleep. It is intended to be used by people who suspect that they are suffering from sleep disorders and snoring.

It simply allows the user to record a long session of sleep and then view it in a graphical way and even listen to parts of it.

Baby M is an application that is meant to monitor and record your baby and the sounds and noises around him or her. It can also try to help you pacify your baby.

Baby M attempts to assist you by playing a sound clip, like a lullaby, for soothing the baby. This sound clip is triggered when the baby cries or makes noise which is louder than a threshold that you determine.

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