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Y90 underlines entry-level smarts

A low-cost phone can still be exceptional. The Huawei nova 90 proves it with massive display and battery, along with fast-charging

People no longer use their phones only to make calls, send messages and access the internet or social media. Young users expect their phones to be multifunctional – but still not empty their wallets.

For these users, the Huawei nova Y90 offers a pleasant surprise: a high-end package that includes SuperCharge fast-charging, intelligent in-built charging management, long-lasting Battery, high storage, and a bigger screen to watch videos, play games, and text with fewer typos.

The nova Y90 comes with an expansive 6.7-inch Huawei Edgeless FullView Display, in a chic screen design: flat sides, smaller notch and a ultra-narrow bezels that measure only 1.05mm. With a high screen-to-body ratio of 94%, the device thus gives a richer and immersive visual experience. The device offers a fast and smooth experience, from browsing web pages to playing mobile games, with a 90 Hz display refresh rate and 270 Hz touch sampling rate.

The 90 also offers new smart features for eye protection. It automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness according to ambient light to make it easy for the eyes.The smooth screen dimming control feature records and generates users’ preferences in light intensity according to usage habits. To reduce eye fatigue, the device also features eye comfort mode and e-book mode, which optimises the display colour temperature to give a paper-like reading experience, making reading more relaxing and comfortable.

It sports 40W Huawei SuperCharge, which allows one to charge the smartphone up by 50% in 30 minutes. Plugging in the smartphone for 10 minutes allows up to 6.7 hours of talking on the phone, 3 hours of watching videos online and 19.9 hours of listening to music.

Through in-built smart charging management, the Y90 can recognise the device’s charging status and intelligently regulate its charging capacity. It protects and prolongs battery life and ensures that the smartphone is synced with the charging habits of its users.

Comprising a built-in battery health detection algorithm, this handy function enables the Y90 to intelligently detect the battery health status of the device and issue a battery abnormality reminder to its users.

It is equipped to identify non-standard charging cables and chargers, thereby limiting battery temperature and voltage. A 13-layer charging protection system provides users with additional safety mechanisms, including over-discharge and low-voltage protection, as well as charging over-current and high-current shutdown protection.

Storage can handle up to 170 episodes of a drama series, 12,000 high-quality songs and over 60 HD movies. With a larger internal storage capacity, clearing phone caches will no longer be an issue.

It sports a 50MP AI Triple Camera system. With the help of the High-Res Mode, images taken with the 50MP camera that have been cropped or zoomed in retain their clear and natural picture quality.

  • Purchase the new HUAWEI nova Y90 for R5 799 from the Huawei online store and at selected retailers.
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