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Windows 7 rules desktop

With an adoption rate more than any other Microsoft operating system ever released, Windows 7 is on its way to replacing XP as the most widely used operating system in the world, says TRACI MAYNARD, general manager of Tarsus Technologies.

With an adoption rate that trumps every other Microsoft operating system ever released, Windows 7 is swiftly on its way to replacing Windows XP as the most-widely adopted operating system in the world.

And, says Traci Maynard, general manager of Tarsus Technologies’ software division, it doesn’t look like Windows 7’s momentum is showing any evidence of slowing down.

While she’s the first to admit that this has been helped by the fact that Windows XP hasn’t been available as a pre-install option on PCs and notebooks since October 2010, she says that the vast majority of customers that she speaks to enjoy the refreshed interface and numerous improvements Windows 7 has brought into the mix.

‚More specifically,‚ Maynard says, ‚Windows 7 is unparalleled when it comes to managing system resources effectively, which in turn creates a great balance between overall system performance and stability.‚

‚Microsoft’s strong focus on security with this release has also meant that the business sector is moving far more quickly with its migration from Windows XP to Windows 7,‚ she says.

‚Round this out with the fact that Windows 7 offers unprecedented compatibility with legacy applications and operating systems, and you have a winner.‚

Continuing she adds, ‚We also cannot discount how strong a contrast Windows 7 is to its predecessor, Windows Vista, which Microsoft itself has admitted wasn’t its best effort.‚

‚Over the past year-and-a-half there’s been a tangible difference in the way channel partners and their end customers feel about the Microsoft technology stack, not to mention the huge resurgence in the interest that computers and high-technology products have seen at a retail level.‚

‚XP is done,‚ she says, ‚and the sooner channel partners begin convincing their customers of Windows 7’s superiority, the sooner they’ll be in a position to capitalise on upgrading their customers’ client computing hardware and software.‚

‚It’s not often we’re faced with a clear opportunity such as this. And partners need to move quickly lest they get left out of the game,‚ she concludes.

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